make: owl softies & guest blogging at The Ribbon Retreat

Hey everyone, I’m guest blogging over at The Ribbon Retreat today, with a step by step tutorial for making a fabric covered wall hanging. Check in out here!

If you’ve clicked over from The Ribbon Retreat, welcome! It’s great to have you.

Once I finished my wall hangings, I realized I didn’t want to waste any of the gorgeous fabric I had left over from my original project. I didn’t have quite enough to make a dress or skirt, but I did have enough to make something. That something turned out to be a family of owls, made using the same owl pattern by Sew Little Fabric that I used for the wall hanging. Want to see them?

Sew Little Fabric originally created the free downloadable owl pattern to make owl softies, so I set out to make one that would match the wall hanging for my little girl. And here it is:

Of course, it immediately got claimed by one of the big brothers, who named it Red Bowl Dirt (ya, I don’t know either). So I made another one with a few more scraps:

And this one got claimed by another big brother, who named it Hoot. So I made one more with the last of the leftover fabric:

And yet another brother claimed this last one, naming him Flyer. So now our family has a whole family of owls:

And my baby girl still doesn’t have one. I guess I’ll be ordering more fabric!


  1. 1

    Denise says

    Cutsie. 🙂 Of course, that still left one big brother out, so I guess you’ll be making at least two more …

  2. 3

    Paula Storm says

    I Love the little owls you made with my pattern! The Applique is too cute!!!
    If you make anymore please let me know so I can see them!
    Hugs Paula

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