a little laugh for your weekend

My kids have an old iphone their grandpa gave them when he upgraded. It doesn’t have any phone service, but it does have Angry Birds and some other fun games, so they enjoy taking turns playing on it during long car rides, etc. They brought it to my husband the other day in some distress because it looked like this:

iPhone is disabled, it says. Try again in six million minutes! We all had a good laugh wondering why in the world the iPhone thought it needed six million minutes before it could become active again. My favorite part is what it says at the bottom: “this may take some time.” Um, ya. Just over twelve years worth of time. When my husband and I calculated that out he said to our son, “It’s ok. It will be ready for you to use again right after your 21st birthday,” and then we laughed uncontrollably. Until we noticed our son was now crying in disappointment (yes, laughing at my bawling son was one of those fine parenting moments that I’ll always be proud of).

My husband quickly figured out how to reboot the iPhone, and all is well now. But I think next time my kids ask me a million times in a row if they can have a cookie/invite friends over/play the computer I’ll just tell them to try asking me again in six million minutes. Cuz this may take some time.


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