so I married a triathlete

I’m going to interrupt my regularly scheduled craft posts to post some pictures from our weekend. On Saturday, my husband completed his first Olympic length triathlon, and I’m terribly proud of him. It was a gorgeous day and the race was at a gorgeous lake, so I want to share some pictures.

Our day started early, which gave me a chance to get a few pictures of the sun rising over the lake.

By the time the sun was up, the sprint triathlon participants were already racing (a sprint triathlon is half the distance of an Olympic tri). I helped Scott get all his stuff set up in the transition area, then he got suited up in the wetsuit (the outside temp was about 50 degrees at this point, and the water wasn’t too much warmer, so a wetsuit was a good idea).

We had a while to wait while the sprint participants did their swim.

Finally it was time for the men’s Olympic participants to head out into the water.

I told you it was gorgeous.

They swam 1500 meters, which is nearly a full mile.

Many people find the swim (especially in open water) to be the most tiring part of the entire race, even though it’s generally the quickest part of the tri.

After a quick run up the beach Scott ditched his wetsuit and pulled on his bike shoes and jersey, ready to hit the road for the bike race.

The bike course was 24.8 miles long. I caught pictures of Scott on his way out.

During the rest of the bike race and most of the run the kids and I (as well as Scott’s parents) spent some time playing on the sand and watching the boats on the lake and the first participants crossing the finish line. We chatted with Scott’s good friend Mike, which also raced, who told us he’d seen Scott during the run and that Scott had fallen on his bike. He’d hit a patch of loose gravel and slid to the ground. Mike told us Scott’s arm and leg were both bleeding, but that he was still running and planning to finish.

Scott’s Dad was watching for him out on the road and he texted us so we’d know Scott was nearing the finish line. We were thrilled to see him finish the 6.2 mile run, even though he was scraped up pretty badly.

James ran through the finish line right behind his Dad.

The big kids had all made signs to congratulate Scott on his huge achievement.

After some water and oranges, Scott visited the first aid tent to get patched up.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of him. He started training for his first sprint triathlon a year and a half ago, and I can hardly believe that he can now swim a mile, bike 25 miles, and then run a 10K all in one morning. Way to go, honey!


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    Caprice says

    I am so impressed. I really think I could never do that. Tell him congrats, what a huge accomplishment. And the pictures are great, too!

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