STL: DIY fascinator with Stef from Girl. Inspired

Today’s Share the Love guest poster is Stef from Girl. Inspired. Her blog is one of those you can just get lost in for hours, clicking from one clever idea to the next. She sews – she makes adorable clothes for her daughters and made them the most beautiful matching scalloped quilts – AND crafts AND bakes AND throws some seriously amazing parties. Her blog is classy and beautiful and I’m so happy to have her here today!

Hi there! It’s Stef from Girl. Inspired. I’m thrilled to be here today to show you how to share the love with this fun DIY fascinator project.

A couple years ago, I made some fascinators for my two-year-old’s tea party. My mom came over the evening before the party and we had the BEST time laughing and hot gluing and dreaming up the most fabulous hair adornments. I think this would be such a fun project with girlfriends, with YOUR mom, for a fun dinner party, or even with your children! The best part about this project is that there are no rules and you just add/build as you go along!

First of all, collect your supplies: hot glue, felt pieces, headband or hair combs/clips, feathers, tulle, lace, silk flowers, strips of fabric/rolled fabric flowers, pearls, jewels, buttons – you never know what you might create so grab a bunch of stuff to choose from as you go.

Now, begin with a small felt piece as your base. I used a large feather and hot glued a small half-circle felt piece to frame the base of the fascinator. I clipped the remaining feather off at the base of the felt once it was glued completely down.

Next, I added some netting. I trimmed a subtle curve on each end of a rectangular piece of the netting, then tied a knot toward the middle. The knot helps gather the netting evenly so that it fans out nicely as it rises toward the top of the fascinator. Glue it onto the felt piece, with the knot below the base.

Next I added a semi-circle spray of pin feathers. Just glue them right over the top of the netting, keeping the hot glue over the felt piece.

Then, I flipped up and glued the other half of the netting. Now, trim off the knot and any overhang below the base of the felt.

I finished off the fascinator with some rolled silk flowers in various sizes and a couple pearl accents. If you haven’t made a rolled fabric flower, they are so easy! You can use my tutorial here.

Now, hold the fascinator up to your hair in a mirror and determine the orientation and angle that you like. Then, position your chosen hairpiece under the fascinator, carry over to your glue gun and glue everything in place. You can put another piece of felt up against the bottom of the fascinator piece on a headband to sandwich the band between. That’s it! Now wear it proudly! Doesn’t it make you feel extra fancy?

Thank you so much for having me today, Autumn! And I’d love it if you all stopped by to visit over at Girl. Inspired.


Thanks Stef! Remember, if you’ve missed any posts in the series you can find them all here.


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    Elaine says

    Really like this one, i’ve made a few myself, but to be honest, i have actually never thought to use a headband. Learn something new everyday, Thanks

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