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Hi everyone! We’re back today, Sharing the Love with another one of my favorite bloggers, Delia from Delia Creates. I just kinda love Delia’s blog. She sews awesome stuff, her photos are gorgeous, AND she has the coolest ideas for fun projects to work on with your kids. (Did you see the dice roll-a-recipe for helping your kids learn their numbers? It was genius!) So Delia’s pretty much awesome, plus I kind of want to gobble up her adorable baby girl. Is that a bad thing? Anyway, Delia’s here today with another genius idea to help you connect with the important people in your life – your kids! – in an innovative way. Thanks Delia!

Hi there!

I think Autumn’s series is so brilliant and needed at this time of year, don’t you?

I had been wanting to implement my project for today for a while, but I needed this inspiring series to get me to move on it!

It’s a simple idea. I call it:

It’s basically a journal with an epistolary twist.

I am a terrible journal writer. Terrible. I have way too many journals with only a few pages filled, but I can keep up an instagram feed alright and a blog. Which helped me realize something…I do much better if I am writing to someone who will give me feedback.

So, why not write to my children and have them write back? Bingo!

Not only will this help ensure that I will record important memories, but it will help my second grader practice his writing skills and get in the habit of writing in a journal as well.

First, I bought some blank journals (I’m including one for my four year old so he doesn’t feel left out).They’re actually from the Dollar Stores from a few years ago and I have been hoarding them.

We decorated each journal with outlines of our hands. My oldest son, Owen, and I made our hand outlines overlapping like a Venn diagram and then we went crazy, coloring in every space and gap.

My middle son, Reid, and I traced our hands on top of each other. He adorably pointed out that it looks like we are giving each other a high five. Perfect. 🙂

I taped a picture of me holding each child as a baby inside the front cover with some Washi tape. Then I wrote my first letter to each of them.

The boys were super excited to get a letter from me, BUT they were not super excited to write back. Correction. My four year old was happy to draw a picture for me in response, but my second grader was not really sure what to write back and was bummed at the prospect of having to write a lot of…something.

So, I readjusted and let him know that he can write as much or as little as he wants and I won’t correct his punctuation. 🙂

To help him along and engage him more in the process, I’ve also started asking him a question at the end of my letters. Just something simple like: What is your favorite kind of dinner? Then draw a plate on the next page and asked him to fill it up. Or: “What is your favorite subject at school and why?” In my next letter I can tell him about my favorite subject in school when I was his age.

It seems to be working a bit better for him so far and really great for me. I’ve already written down a few memories that I haven’t recorded anywhere else and I feel like I am connecting more with my kids. Plus, I am motivated to write because I’m excited for the boys to read it. I’ll call that a success with hope that over time Owen will enjoy the process more and more as well.

Once I write my letters, I lovingly lay the journals on their pillows.

And, my heart does a pitter patter when I see a journal back on my bed with a little message or picture inside.

It’s like getting mail, but way better.

Thank you for having me over Autumn and for hosting a series that brings us closer to those we love.

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    jeannine: says

    My kiddos decorated the cover of their Mommy and Me journals today. The journals turned out beautiful and they are very excited! Thank you for the idea.

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