STL: candid photos with Kristen from Capturing Joy

Our guest today for Share the Love is Kristen, from Capturing Joy. Kristen is a professional photographer and her site is packed with gorgeous photos, but her blog is much more than that. She shares DIY projects (you have got to see this BYU/UT bedroom she created for her boys!), creative parties with amazing details, recipes, photography tips and more. She has a couple of photography e-books to help you learn to use your camera and runs a fantastic yearly series called Decorating with Pictures/Portraits. I was excited she agreed to guest post over here this month because I think getting great photos of your family and friends is a fantastic way to bring people together.
Hello! My name is Kristen Duke, and I blog at Capturing Joy. I’m a portrait photographer, and I love to share photo tips and home decor along with recipes on my site. I’m happy to be here today to discuss ways to beat the winter blues!
First off, I live in Texas, and it doesn’t get TOO cold here. We play outside all year! But we all get the blues in one way or another despite the weather, and I think playing with photography is a great hobby to pull anyone out of a rough day. Grab a subject and have some fun!
I love capturing candid moments! Oftentimes, subjects need a little nudge on how to have fun and be candid. I’m sharing with you a few tips on words I like to tell subjects to pull out great candid shot.
Here are some one word actions that I like to use:
Just think of this list of words that evoke emotion (and write them down on a cheat sheet if you want). You can set up a scene with these words and create an atmosphere that lends itself to beautiful candid moments. I love interaction between loved ones. I think it is in those moments that we can really see how we are as a unit. The laugher, the love, the fun, the happy.
Any words you can think of that would help evoke emotion? I’d love to hear!


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    Shirley says

    I love this! I think especially for kids, it’s so nice to do this instead of getting the same forced smiles (or ignoring mom looks!) Thanks Kristen!

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