STL: memories gift book with Kimbo from AGAAGG

Our guest for Share the Love today is Kimbo, from A Girl and a Glue Gun. As her blog title implies, this lady wields a mean glue gun, but she actually does a little of everything. She sews, she scrapbooks, she does crafts with her kids, she creates printables, she makes jewelry, she does fun vinyl projects with her cricut…I’m telling you the list goes on and on. She competed in Project Run and Play a while back and made one of my favorite boy looks ever: “the layered look” complete with t-shirt, button down, letterman’s sweater, slacks, and puffy vest, all in a very cool black, white, and red color scheme. I loved it! Anyway, there’s lots to love over at AGAAGG, so I’m excited to have Kimbo over here today, sharing a great gift idea.
So excited to be here! This is such a fun series —and i was really excited to share this fun idea we did this past fall…or should i say “AUTUMN”
Okay..that was lame.
but stilll…
This idea is from a pin on pinterest….HERE.
it was so brilliant that we, as a, family could not resist a pure knock off!
You see..both parents were turning…(my mom hates this part..) 60.
(she looks 30 though so it’s okay)
and we wanted to do something uber special for them.
i mean 60 is a big deal
big. huge.
So…we sent out letters (and emails, and facebook messages, and phone calls) to everyone from their past that we could drum up.
(it took some facebook stalking, old yearbooks,
and some trying to be to nonchalant conversations with our mum for details)
(we mimicked our letter after the original idea)
but it basically says, hey…think of some memories you have had with or about our parents and drop us a line!
we did start an email address just for this ordeal…so we as brothers and sisters could equally get on and see who had sent in memories…….
Our goal was 60 memories–(ie 60 years of life)
.and we each split up the list of people…so instead of having to do all 60…we only had to 10 each..

well…sad to say…we didn’t get every single person we tried to get a hold of…a few letters were undeliverable but for the most part we got a great turnout! We each wrote one…and if our kids had memories they wrote or drew pictures as well (which were mostly how much they love grandma cause she plays games with them and makes them whatever they want to eat when they want it and grandpa giving them rides on his motorcycle)

we printed them all off…and stuck them in a big manila envelope and surprised them with them at dinner.

(we shared an artichoke…our dad’s favorite….and we all jumped on that bandwagon willingly. mmm..hungry just thinking about it!)
we made them read some out loud….of course the kids had mostly read them all…but it was so fun to see them get red or embarrassed….or start laughing from the memories they had forgotten!!!!
It was especially fun to hear stories about them growing up..I know i think of my parents, parents. I don’t think of them as young kids doing dumb stuff or dating boys or any of that. So it was a blast to hear those things! It was a fantastic night filled with fun stories and lots of laughter!
i love my sweet parents and the whole dang family…

thanks autumn for letting me share this fun experience with your readers!


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