STL: family tree with Autie from iCandy Handmade

Today we have a fantastic Share the Love idea from Autie, who is half of the team that blogs over at iCandy Handmade. Autie and Jen (who’s guest posting here next week!) have built a fantastic blog in the past two years and it’s chock full of sewing goodness and other fun crafty stuff. Autie recently posted a pair of magnet boards she made to display her kids’ drawings – a simple, genius idea (just what I love). She’s here today with another simple, genius idea: a finger print family tree.
Hey guys!
I’m Autie {my real name is Autumn, too!} from iCandy handmade.
I’m excited to be a part of Autumn’s share the love series with my project…
When Autumn approached me and asked if I’d like to be a part of her Share the Love series, I knew exactly what I would share with you! It was a project I had just started to make for my mom for Christmas, and I think it fit the bill perfectly.
I love to give home-made presents, especially ones that have sentimental value. I have lived far away from my mom all of my married life, and although I do get to see her once or twice a year, it’s just not enough for me! My siblings feel the same. So, while mom and dad have 11 grand kids only a handful of them live close by, I thought of this fun way for her to be able to remember all of her little cuties every day with a wall-hanging family tree.
This is the most simple project to do, but I think it’s unique and I know my parents loved it!
I had an unused 16 x 20 white canvas.
I cut a bare tree out of brown vinyl using my Cricut (I used my Paper Doll Dress up cartridge, and used the scary tree with one of the halloween paper dolls…it’s doesn’t look so scary once you’re done!)
I actually had to cut the tree in 2 parts (which was simple with my Gypsy) because it needed to be wider than the 12″ width of my machine. but it matched up perfectly, and you can’t even tell!
Next, using leaf-green acrylic paint, each family member dipped their pointer finger in the paint, and carefully placed it on the tree. Scary to do with my baby who at the time was 6 months old. But, have no fear, I had some baby wipes handy, and when she smeared the canvas with her finger the first time, it was a quick wipe up and I was able to just re-do it again instantly. Awesome.
I have 4 siblings, and each sibling has 2-3 kids…so, I just sort of tried to space everybody’s finger prints evenly-ish around the tree. Our family is probably not growing any more, but if it does…easy to just stick another finger print on there!
Lastly, when all the prints were dry, we wrote everyone’s names under their prints so we could remember who is who.
I gave it to my parents when I was visiting in November, and left the next day, so I wasn’t able to get a picture of it hanging up, but I snapped this last picture as the finished product.
Such a fun, quick and easy project that can help our loved ones to remember their greatest blessings everyday!
Thanks for letting me stop by today!!! I hope you enjoy!


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