tollhouse cookie recipe printable for kids {illustrated w/photos}

A lot of cookies get made at our house. I try not to keep track of how quickly we go through the huge Costco sized bag of chocolate chips because I have a feeling I’d be embarrassed if I did. It’s possible we overdo a little around here, but making cookies is a fantastic activity to do with kids of all ages. Even tiny kids can help dump flour or chocolate chips into a bowl, and older ones can do the entire project by themselves. Making cookies together is not only fun, it’s also a great way to start teaching basic math concepts to preschool age kids – you can put ingredients in order, count together as you add eggs or flour, and talk about basic fractions like 1/2 and 1/4. To make the whole process a little simpler for my preschooler, I made a cookie recipe that’s illustrated in photos. This way he can be more in charge of the process – telling me what comes next and figuring out how much to put in. It’s genius, if I do say so myself 🙂

What a fun idea! This printable cookie recipe sheet is perfect for teaching kids how to cook, even if they can't read yet.


Print this out on cardstock and you have crisp colorful photos that clearly illustrate how much of each ingredient is needed, when to put it in, and when to mix. (It’s the TollHouse chocolate chip cookie recipe modified very slightly to avoid more difficult fractions.)

To make things even more fun, slide the recipe page into a plastic page protector and give your child a dry erase marker so he can cross ingredients off as they get added:

My little guy loved it! He had a great time helping me measure and marking things off, then eating the cookies of course. Even my twins (who are 10) think it’s a great idea – they usually make cookies without any help from me and occasionally forget what order things go in or can’t find the recipe card. They’ve decided we should just tape this recipe to the inside of the pantry door so it’s always handy.

If you think this idea is genius (and I hope you do!) just click here to download and print. If you don’t think this idea is genius, please don’t tell me as I’d prefer to live my life deluded but happy…

This worked out so well for us I’m considering making another one with the chocolate chip cookie recipe we prefer the most, or maybe even a homademade brownie recipe. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d really like to see – thanks!

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  1. 1

    lodichrisw says

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! You’re a genius!! And I vote “YES” that you make more like this: your fav choco chip cookie recipe, brownies, whatever. THANK YOU!!

  2. 2

    Tracy K. says

    Thank you! This is a super idea. Even my older kids who can read will love the step by step picture convenience.

  3. 3

    KathieR says

    YES!!! My grandkids will LOVE it. 😉 (And since, I too use Costco chocolate chips, maybe a measurement along with the package?? LOL)

  4. 4

    MIchelle says

    Thank you!!! Printing this off now and using today before it gets hotter here in Souther California. I also vote YES to more photo recipes! What a fabulous idea!!

  5. 8

    Alexandra says

    Genius! I will be using is with my ESL teenagers. We have to do some baking, and work on Anglophone culture, and what is more American than cookies (or so it seems to me, a British person!)? This has so much potential for language classes. Thankyou. And did you make any more? I would love to see more please?!!

  6. 9

    Alexandra says

    But, on rereading, I need help please. How many chocolate chips? And at the top, is that butter and hard margarine? And how much of each please, I am not familiar with the brands, so don’t know how big each pack is. Thank you!

  7. 10


    I love visiting your site but funereqtly miss out because it doesn’t have an RSS feed (unless I am missing it?). Would you consider putting in a feed…it’s very easy with Blogger:-)) Thanks for the pick me up and the yummy pics!

  8. 11

    Ali says

    My children have LOVED this. Have you considered making more? This is by far the best recipe format for them (and me). 🙂 I think a brownie or any other recipe would be much loved. Thank you for sharing your talent. It has simplified teaching kids to bake.

  9. 12


    This is terrific. My son has reading issues, but loves to bake. He has sort of memorized a one-bowl cake recipe, but I’d love to see him making cookies independently too. Thank you for sharing!

  10. 13


    The best idea ever… Please make a ton more… I am not a big fan of baking with my 9yr old because she is in a rush, unorganized,likes to play in the flour every fewer… But this will definitely work with her. She will be able to be in charge by focusing on what she needs to get the job done , but yet we can have fun doing it together-mommy daughter special time memories for a life time❤️💙💜💛💚❣💓💗💕💞


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