family, friends, and a Winnie the Pooh giveaway (plus $50!)

One of my favorite things about summer is getting up in the morning and having nowhere to go. We don’t sleep in much, but I love the feeling of having the whole day ahead of us. This morning all of us but the 12 year old were up, fed, and dressed by 7:45. We were heading to the reservoir later on, but we decided to make the most of our lazy morning with a little family movie watching. The show of choice? The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

I knew my little guys would love Winnie the Pooh, but I wasn’t sure whether the 10 year olds would be interested. Turns out everyone loved it as much as I remember loving it when I was a kid. I remember watching Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day in a room at church with a bunch of other kids as our moms worked on crafts in the room next door. All of the Pooh movies are so sweet– everyone still loves them. The stories are timeless tales about a group of friends, their adventures, and the ways they help each other out. (Keep reading to enter to win $50 plus The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh blu-ray combo pack)

When I think of my childhood adventures I actually don’t think of friends. I think of my sisters. Sure, I had other friends, and sure, my sisters and I didn’t always get along, but I think each of my five sisters was one of my first and closest friends. After all, they were the ones I played school, princess, and orphanage with on a daily basis (why we couldn’t come up with any make believe scenarios other than those three I’ll never know.)

All the sisters and Dad circa 1989-ish. I’m on the far left sporting the awesome anklet.

My older sister Shelby was the one who walked me to the bus stop. She teased me the whole way there, but I knew if she was around I didn’t have to be scared of the bigger kids. My oldest sister Lisha was the one who fixed my hair for me one day when she was in high school and I was in 5th grade, and you wouldn’t believe how proud I was of those feathered bangs. My little sister Monique was the one who didn’t hold it against me (too badly) when I broke her wrist two weeks before the family trip to Hawaii. Brittany, who’s the closest to me in age, was the one who lived next door to me in college and helped me figure out what I actually thought of this Scott guy (now my husband). And Caprice, the youngest, was the one who used to scratch my back for what seemed like hours just because she knew I loved it.

I hope all my kids will grow up knowing they can count on each other, and knowing that family can be your best friends.

If you remember loving Winnie the Pooh as much as I did and want to share it with your kids, look for the The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh available for the first time on Blu-ray Combo Pack and HD Digital on August 27th. Or join the 7.7 million people who follow Pooh on Facebook for more updates.

Now, to enter for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card and a Winnie The Pooh Blu-ray Combo Pack, share with us the importance of friendship, imagination and adventure in your child’s life…


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  1. 3

    Kelly D says

    My kids have had a great time using their imagination and enjoying time with each other since they are home from school. It helps them learn a lot about themselves and the world around them.

  2. 5

    Tammy C says

    My grandbabies are here often….we concentrate on spending time together and playing with toys that inspire their imagination. Thank you!

  3. 6

    Mami2jcn says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure are important for my children because they get to develop social skills and enjoy the fun of being a kid.

  4. 11

    Ellie W says

    Imagination, friendships, and a sense of adventure can open up the whole world to children. I try to nurture them and allow them to follow the beat of their own drums.

  5. 13

    heather says

    friendship, imagination and adventure are so important to teach to your child because life is about experiences and love and teaching them these things will be the foundation for a happy healthy long life

  6. 14

    Kiara says

  7. 15

    Marcia F says

    My sons are grown (my youngest just turned 20 🙁 ) but I’m so thankful that they are all good friends. They even all went to college in the same city – 775 miles from home! When they were little they were great at using their imaginations to think up elaborate games, scenarios for outdoor play, building things, creating costumes, and any number of other ways. I still enjoy watching them play together.

  8. 16

    annie h says

    My daughter loves Winnie the Pooh! I htink the teamwork and looking at the bright side to deal with difficult issues is important.

  9. 18

    Cynthia C says

    Adventure and imagination allow kids to try things out in a fun way that will help them with social skills and decision making when they are older.

  10. 20

    J AKe says

    Winnie the Pooh has always been a favorite Disney for my self and my children. My 22 year old daughter went to see the last one in the theaters. We took a neighbor girl along as cover, so we wouldn’t look silly. Thanks for this opportunity. I have a granddaughter now, and would love to share the Pooh experience with her.

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