• how to take great photos of jack-o-lanterns this Halloween
  • 25 amazing DIY gifts people will actually want!
  • free printable 2016 mini DIY photo calendar {great gift idea!}
  • non-candy Halloween treat idea: spooky straws
  • easy glowstick pumpkins {perfect for Halloween night!}

how to take great photos of jack-o-lanterns this Halloween

3 easy tips to help you get great photos of your carved pumpkins this Halloween. How to take amazing jack-o-lantern photographs.

It’s fun to take spooky photos of your carved Halloween pumpkins when they are lit, but between the dark night and the bright pumpkin it can be a little tricky to get a good photo, especially if you shoot on AUTO. But don’t worry, if you follow three easy tips you’ll end up with great photos of your […]

25 amazing DIY gifts people will actually want!

These are fantastic ideas - I'm going to start making some for Christmas! 25 DIY handmade gifts people actually want.

If you’re like me, you enjoy making awesome handmade gifts for friends and family during the holidays. But, (if you’re like me) you also worry that you might be the only one who thinks those handmade gifts are awesome, while the recipients just wish you’d start giving gift cards, for heaven’s sake. (If you’re like me, you also eat […]

free printable 2016 mini DIY photo calendar {great gift idea!}

Free printable 2016 mini photo calendar - personalize it with your own photos for an easy, inexpensive handmade Christmas gift idea! Perfect for Dads or Grandparents. This would work as a mini desk calendar, or hang all 12 months for a pretty DIY wall calendar.

Today’s project is a sweet little DIY gift you can pull together for just a few dollars: a 2016 mini photo calendar. Just print out the calendar pages, personalize them with favorite photos, and you have an easy, inexpensive handmade gift perfect for dad, mom, the grandparents, or anyone! Steal your best friend’s kids for a quick […]

non-candy Halloween treat idea: spooky straws

Great idea for a non-candy Halloween treat or party favor: spooky straws with free printable tag

  I wish there was a little less candy on Halloween. I know, what a buzzkill, especially coming from someone who loves chocolate as much as I do, but really, it’s a little much isn’t it? Going trick or treating is so much fun that my kids end up accumulating way more candy than they […]

easy glowstick pumpkins {perfect for Halloween night!}

Glowstick pumpkins - so cute! This would be a perfect activity to keep the kids busy on Halloween while they're waiting to start trick or treating.

Last week my three junior high school age kids had parent teacher conferences. I was supposed to go and spend three hours of my life waiting in line to visit with 20 different teachers. Ok, I’m exaggerating since my twins have most of their classes together…it’s actually only 13 different teachers. Did I do it? That […]

easy DIY gift bag, boxes, and gift card holder

Make your own gorgeous DIY gift bags, boxes, and gift card holders using pretty scrapbook paper for the holidays this year. Step by step instructions and printable templates.

There are things in this life that just don’t make sense. Like why I’m willing to spend eight dollars on a quart of really good ice cream but don’t want to shell out two bucks for a gift bag every time we give someone a present. Oh wait – that makes total sense! There’s no […]

easy DIY fringed flannel throw {great gift idea!}

This DIY fringed flannel throw is pretty, cozy, and easy to make! It's the perfect, inexpensive handmade Christmas gift idea.

This DIY fringed flannel throw is cozy, fashionable, and easy to make for about $10, making it a great handmade holiday gift! My mom starts asking us for Christmas lists every year in July. No joke. We all act like she’s crazy, saying we couldn’t possibly start thinking about Christmas that far in advance. Of […]

20 cute & easy DIY Halloween treat bags and boxes

20 best DIY Halloween treat bag, boxes, cups, and more. Perfect favors for class parties, neighborhood kids, and more.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks making a bunch of cute little Halloween boxes filled with treats for your kids to hand out at school is crazy, you might be in the wrong place. If, on the other hand, you think the idea of making them actually sounds like fun but you’re kinda […]