• the new Minc foil applicator from Heidi Swapp
  • easy & healthy vanilla rainbow fruit smoothies
  • the very best gift your can give your child’s teacher
  • how to sew a circle skirt in 20 minutes or less
  • how to sew with vegan (faux) leather & a giveaway!

the new Minc foil applicator from Heidi Swapp

so cool! the new minc foil transfer machine can add colored or gold foil to anything printed with a laser printer. Click through for a video showing how easy it is to use!

Last week I got a fun surprise in the mail: a brand new Minc Foil Applicator from Heidi Swapp. It’s awesome. With the touch of a button you can add foil to any design you can print out on a laser printer. Bright, shiny foil, that comes in a bunch of colors including my personal fave, gold. I […]

easy & healthy vanilla rainbow fruit smoothies

these taste like the smoothies you get at the mall, but way healthier! vanilla rainbow fruit smoothies: just fruit and vanilla almond milk. easy!

If you asked, I would probably tell you I want to eat healthier. Everyone wants to eat healthier, right? Healthier is a good thing. Less sugar, more real food, and all that jazz. But deep down, I really just want to eat stuff that tastes good. I really, really like food. Thinking about having to eat […]

the very best gift your can give your child’s teacher

what a fantastic idea! the best cheap, easy teacher gift ever: a letter to the school principal telling why your child's teacher is amazing. I'm going to do this! The post has some good ideas for things to include in the letter.

It’s fun to browse Pinterest looking for cute teacher gifts for teacher appreciation week, but the cute ideas aren’t always practical and the cost can get prohibitive. There’s one gift I’ve found that is MORE appreciated by teachers than anything else, and the good news is that it doesn’t cost a thing. Many teachers will […]

how to sew a circle skirt in 20 minutes or less

you can sew this adorable skirt in 20 minutes or less - no joke! vegan leather circle skirt for girls.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like quick, easy sewing projects? Only about a hundred times, right? The other day I was trying to sew (amidst the mess that is our family of seven in between moving house AGAIN) and I just kept running into problems. Like putting on a pocket, only to realize […]

how to sew with vegan (faux) leather & a giveaway!

vegan leather - looks fun to sew with! everything you need to know about how to sew with faux vegan leather.

Recently I’ve been sharing sewing tips for fabrics you may not have sewn with before: last month it was stretch denim, and the month before that it was sweater knit. Today I’m talking about another fabric you may have have sewn with before: vegan leather. So, obviously, vegan leather is faux (fake) leather, but it’s nothing like […]

20 quick, easy and beautiful things to crochet

great ideas for small, quick crochet projects

There are so many cool free crochet patterns available that I always think I’m finally going to learn how to crochet. But then I get intimidated by the thought of making an entire blanket – I mean how many hours and skeins of yarn does it take to make one of those anyway? So I’ve […]

pleated flutter sleeve dress (free pattern in size 4T)

this dress is adorable! free pattern in size 4T and great step by step sewing tutorial

Last summer I shared a free pattern for a flutter sleeve dress (or tunic) in girls size 4T that featured a gathered elastic neckline. It’s a very easy sew that doesn’t take much fabric, and it’s been one of my most popular sewing posts of the past year. Since we’ve had such a lovely early spring […]