• DIY sweater laptop tote {easy sewing tutorial}
  • teach kids to fold laundry with this simple hack!
  • the best parenting hacks {products to make your life easier!}
  • mini pancake donuts {fun breakfast idea}
  • 20 kid art projects pretty enough to frame

DIY sweater laptop tote {easy sewing tutorial}

What a fun idea! Make a DIY laptop tote from a thrifted sweater. She even used a belt for the handles! The sewing tutorial looks super easy.

We just got a Chick-fil-A in town and I’m beginning to discover why every mom in the country loves that place so much. It’s clean, the employees are helpful and friendly, my daughter loves the play place, and the food is actually good! Since it’s so cold out here, it’s a great place to hang […]

teach kids to fold laundry with this simple hack!

GENIUS! This simple cardboard folding helper makes it easy for kids fold their own clothes - what a great way to teach them to clean up. Click through to see how to make this laundry hack for $1.

I am a firm believer in teaching kids to do chores around the house, even when it’s easier to just do them yourself. However, there’s one chore I never have the little ones help with. (And no, it’s not loading the dishwasher – I’m not one of those people who won’t even let another adult touch […]

the best parenting hacks {products to make your life easier!}

These are genius! The best parenting hacks - products that will make your life with kids SO MUCH EASIER! I wish I'd had some of these when my kids were little.

So, I think we can all agree that parenting’s just kinda tough. Clothing, feeding, and caring for a tiny person (or two, or three, or more) is hard enough, but add in teaching her all the things she needs to know while navigating a landmine of legos and Barbie shoes and you now have a herculean task. […]

mini pancake donuts {fun breakfast idea}

This is so fun - you can make donuts out of pancake mix! What a great breakfast idea for kids, and lots healthier than traditional donuts!

We’ve had our mini donut maker for a couple of years and my kids love making cute little cake mix donuts. A couple of blog readers commented on that post that they had tried pancake batter in the donut maker, and we just had to see how it turned out. The verdict? A success! They taste just like […]

20 kid art projects pretty enough to frame

These are so cool! 20 kid art projects that turn out pretty enough to frame. Fun kids craft and activity ideas.

Ok, the fun part of winter is done, right? The magical snowy lead-up-to-Christmas winter fun is long gone, and now we’re stuck with the wet, dark, dirty-snow days of January and February. LONG days with the kids inside. Days when you NEED some easy activities that will keep the little ones busy and protect what […]

easy heart shaped cinnamon rolls for Valetine’s Day

So cute! Heart shaped cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day or any other special breakfast! Fast and easy recipe.

So before we get started I have to tell you a funny story. As I was working on today’s recipe (these adorable heart shaped cinnamon rolls) I tried out a couple variations, which means we ended up with a gazillion cinnamon rolls. After I got them all photographed and let the kids each eat one […]

“you’re a cutie!” free printable healthy Valentine

Great healthy option for a Valentine's Day treat! Free printable "you're a cutie" Valentines are an easy candy free alternative kids will love.

Valentine’s Day is super fun for kids, and I know half that fun comes from the pile of sweets they get to bring home. But I’ve found that my kids get so much candy, they’re often more excited about non-candy gifts because they’re different than all the others. Last year I made a Valentine printable […]

the best soft sugar cookie + cream cheese frosting recipe

This is, hands down, the best soft sugar cookie recipe, complete with amazing cream cheese frosting. So much better than store-bought!

My mom’s sugar cookies are famous. For real. They’re soft and cakey with a rich cream cheese frosting that pretty much everybody loves – it’s way better than the tasteless “royal” icing that’s often used to decorate sugar cookies or the pasty pink frosting on those store bought ones. She makes them for every holiday and I […]