• DIY lace & knit infinity scarf + a sewing giveaway!
  • donuts Valentine’s Day card – free printable
  • superhero bracelets {no candy!} printable Valentines
  • easy Swedish fish printable Valentine’s Day card
  • “you’re exSTRAW special” easy printable Valentine’s Day card

DIY lace & knit infinity scarf + a sewing giveaway!

so pretty! learn how to make a soft lace & knit infinity scarf with this easy to follow sewing tutorial

My sister texted me a photo of a pretty infinity scarf a few months ago with the note “can you figure out how to make this?” She’d found a photo on pinterest, only to be disappointed that it linked to a site overseas she didn’t feel comfortable ordering from. So I told her sure, I’d […]

donuts Valentine’s Day card – free printable

"donut go breaking my heart" free printable Valentine's day card. fun DIY Valentine for classroom friends!

One more DIY Valentine’s Day card idea and one last pun for the week: Donut go breaking my heart! I don’t know about your kids, but mine would be thrilled to give (or receive) a pack of donuts along with a Valentine. Of course, if you’ve ever read this blog before you’re probably saying to yourself: […]

superhero bracelets {no candy!} printable Valentines


I hope you’re not too tired of Valentine’s Day card ideas yet. I promise, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Today I have another non-candy Valentines day treat idea: superhero bracelets with a free printable that says “Hey Valentine, I think you’re SUPER!” You can order these cute superhero bracelets from Amazon […]

easy Swedish fish printable Valentine’s Day card

cute free printable Valentine's Day card with Swedish fish - easy & very inexpensive! cheap DIY Valentine's Day card.

Today I have another super inexpensive printable Valentine’s Day card idea for you guys (find yesterday’s Krazy Straw idea here), along with another totally awesome pun: Valentine, you’re the “swedish” one I know. Pretty cute, right? Last week I was telling my husband I wanted to create some fun printable Valentine’s day cards and bemoaning […]

“you’re exSTRAW special” easy printable Valentine’s Day card

cute, cheap, Valentine's Day card printable using straws from the dollar store!

When it comes to Valentine’s day cards, I have perhaps been rather a cheapskate in years past. But when you have four kids handing out Valentine’s cards to 30 kids each, store-bought cards plus treats or small gifts can get pricey pretty fast. But my kids LOVE being able to hand out something fun to all […]

20 fantastic DIY Valentine’s day t-shirts

20 DIY Valentine's Day shirts - lots of cool ideas here!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day! Ok, not really. It’s an entire month away, much to my poor kids’ chagrin. I’ve been working on Valentine’s projects for a few weeks, so they’re convinced it’s happening any day now. Sorry about that, kiddos. Anyway, today I’m sharing 20 fun DIY Valentine’s day tee shirt ideas that are simply fantastic. […]

easiest ever DIY big heart shirt {Valentine’s Day}

super easy DIY big heart sweater - cute! this would be fun for Valentine's day.

Here’s the second of the two Valentine’s inspired tops I made for my daughter last week (see the first one here). This was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever made! Hearts are pretty popular right now – I’ve seen lots of sweaters with big hearts on them – so I decided to add a […]

easy j.crew knockoff “LOVE” tee {Valentine’s Day DIY}

cute! easy j.crew knockoff graphic tee "LOVE" shirt. perfect for Valentine's day!

I don’t usually make special clothes for holidays, partly because it seems like a bit of a waste to make something so holiday-specific it can only be worn for a few weeks, and partly because I rarely plan that far ahead. But this year I made my daughter a couple of shirts that will work for […]