• easy to sew skirt with attached shorts
  • 30 incredible book series for kids ages 8-12
  • homemade fudge surprise ice cream sandwiches
  • how to get better fireworks photos this Fourth of July
  • summer boredom busters for kids {books, games, and more!}

easy to sew skirt with attached shorts

Add fabric to purchased shorts to make a cute skirt with attached shorts - this looks so easy!

My daughter loves wearing skirts and I can’t blame her. They’re comfy, cool, and totally adorable. However, she also loves climbing, spinning, and running around, which means she ends up flashing her My Little Pony undies rather more often than I’d like. Last summer I made her a skirt with attached shorts, which she’s worn […]

30 incredible book series for kids ages 8-12

great list of fantastic series for kids ages 8-12. great books to put on the summer reading list!

A few weeks ago I posted a list of amazing books for kids ages 8-12. When I started compiling the list I ended up with so many good titles that I decided to break it into two parts, and today I’m sharing part 2: 30 incredible book series for boys and girls ages 8-12, which corresponds […]

homemade fudge surprise ice cream sandwiches

Use this easy recipe to make cake mix cookie ice cream sandwiches, then fill them with fudge and caramel for an amazing summer dessert!

Kids love ice cream sandwiches, but personally, I think the store-bought ones are just kind of boring. The idea of ice cream sandwiched between chocolatey cookies is a good one, but plain vanilla and not-so-rich cookies just doesn’t do it for me. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make homemade ice cream sandwiches using […]

how to get better fireworks photos this Fourth of July

want better fireworks photos this year? find the best tips for taking photos with your phone, point and shoot, or dSLR camera.

Every year I plan to take amazing fireworks photos on the Fourth of July. And guess what? Every year I don’t. And then I’m disappointed because it’s going to be an entire year until I have the chance again. So this is going to be the year, and to get ready I’ve gathered up everything […]

summer boredom busters for kids {books, games, and more!}

Tired of trying to keep your kids entertained over summer break? Check out this great list of activity books, games, and toys that will keep kids busy and happy without an adult's help!

I love the extra time I get to spend with my kids during summer vacation – it’s awesome to read together during lazy mornings or go to the pool when they’d normally be gone at school. But, there are times when I really would just love for them to amuse themselves for an hour or […]

easy DIY modern glam swim tote {with the Minc}

cute DIY swim modern glam swim tote! free printable and easy to follow instructions.

I love taking the kids swimming in the summer, but I’ll admit that just getting everyone ready can be exhausting. There’s the getting everyone dressed and sunblocked part, the remembering snacks so no one has a meltdown part, and the gathering up all the other supplies we’re going to need part, all before we even […]

fun and easy Fourth of July crafts for kids

fun and easy 4th of July kids crafts - great ideas for fun family activities on Independence Day!

With the Fourth of July coming up in a few weeks, I spent some time searching out fun and easy kids crafts to help celebrate. Each of these ideas use simple, every day supplies, and would be perfect for a lazy summer afternoon or for keeping the kids busy while you’re waiting for fireworks on the […]

the easy tee dress in a woven {simple summer sew}

easy sewing tutorial for this simple dress made from a free tee pattern

Summer is when I do the most sewing for myself. That’s because I always want new skirts and dresses when it starts to warm up, and both of those are generally easier to sew than, say, jeans and jackets. Last summer I made a maxi dress using my free easy tee pattern – it was […]