• SHOOT 2015 online photography workshop giveaway
  • simple foam plate snowmen {easy holiday craft for kids}
  • how to take in or size down a shirt {the right way}
  • cozy felt Christmas tree garland & $100 Jo-Anns card giveaway
  • best DIY treat & cookie packaging ideas

SHOOT 2015 online photography workshop giveaway


A few years ago I started working to improve my photography skills. I spent a lot of time reading online tutorials and teaching myself to shoot on Manual, and I really enjoyed how much better photos I was taking of my owns kids became. I’ve shared a lot of what I’ve learned in photography tutorials […]

simple foam plate snowmen {easy holiday craft for kids}

easy holiday kids' craft - foam plate snowmen.

This time of year the weather makes it hard for the kids to play outside on a regular basis. Since we limit screen time we always ends up with lots of extra time to fill, especially when school is out and everyone’s home. So I’m always on the lookout for easy indoor activities and holiday crafts that […]

how to take in or size down a shirt {the right way}


Plaid flannel shirts are back! It feels like high school to me when I see all this plaid in the stores. Of course, not many of us are wearing our flannel with Doc Martens anymore (remember those days?). I’ve purchased a few comfy plaid flannel shirts, and I have one beef with them: flannel shrinks, […]

cozy felt Christmas tree garland & $100 Jo-Anns card giveaway

cute Christmas tree garland - Land of Nod knockoff - easy DIY holiday decoration

It finally snowed here over the weekend, much to my kids’ delight. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather, which I’ve been loving, but the kids keep telling me it doesn’t feel like Christmas until there’s snow. I’ll admit, there is something about a snowy day that makes me want to turn on the Christmas music and […]

best DIY treat & cookie packaging ideas


I love baking up cookies and treats to give as gifts and share with neighbors, especially during the holiday season. But I’m always looking for new, easy ways to package them up so they look as good as they taste (a plain old paper plate works just fine, but it’s not that cute, you know?). Plus, […]

how to make a kids’ pillow bed {the easiest & cheapest way}

so cute! the cheapest and easiest way to make a kids' pillow bed. free sewing pattern and tutorial

A few weeks ago I ran across a couple “pillow bed” tutorials on Pinterest, and they looked like so much fun! People sewed together four or five pillowcases, put pillows in them, then sewed velcro on to keep the pillows from falling out. It looked like a great idea, but when I priced out pillows, pillowcases, […]

superhero cape & skirt sewing tutorial {no-choke design}

awesome superhero cape and skirt for girls! great gift to sew. free pattern & tutorial included in post!

Yesterday I shared a pattern and sewing tutorial for a no-choke superhero cape, and today I’m back with a tutorial for adding a skirt. I love this type of superhero cape because the cape velcros to a front piece which is secured around the waist. This means if anyone pulls on the cape, it will […]

no-choke superhero cape sewing tutorial

awesome! a superhero cape that won't choke the kid wearing it! great free sewing pattern & tutorial. perfect gift for birthday or Christmas.

There are lots of tutorials online for superhero capes, with good reason – it’s amazing how much fun kids can have with them. But I always worry about anything that ties around a child’s neck – other kids don’t realize that if they grab hold of a cape the wearer can end up hurt. So when […]