Hello, my name is Autumn and laundry is my nemesis.

Things I love: my husband and our five children, dark chocolate ice cream, good books, thrift stores, gorgeous fonts and baking bread when it’s cold out.

Things I hate: potty training, taking my car into the shop, considering the fact that I ought to stop eating so much ice cream, and laundry.

How I spend 90% of my time: hanging with the kiddos, keeping the house clean {enough}, sewing, reading, baking, scrapbooking, writing, crafting, dreaming up new projects, buying outrageous amounts of food, and doing outrageous amounts of laundry.

What I believe: I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Things my blog might lead you to believe that simply are not true: that the food I prepare always turns out great and looks lovely, that our home is beautifully decorated and updated for each holiday, and that I sew all of our clothes. Not even close.

Random facts: I cannot eat breakfast without simultaneously reading a book. I have a 12 inch scar across my stomach from some surgeries when I was a baby, and my college roommate told all our friends it was from a shark bite. My husband is a college professor and that was my original plan as well, but I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out. My favorite TV shows are Project Runway, Elementary, and Masterpiece Theater. My mom taught me to sew gathered skirts and leggings when I was in elementary school and I wore them together with two pairs of colored socks that matched the layered t-shirts I wore on top. I worked at a warehouse for a large craft store when I was in college and regularly told people how much I hated crafts. I graduated from college with a degree in creative writing and I haven’t quite decided whether blogging counts as “doing something with your education.” If I haven’t eaten chocolate yet today, you can bet I’m considering it right now. Sometimes having 5 kids wears me out, but it’s usually just about the best job ever.