fill in the blank thank you note printables for kids


One area in which I’ve failed as a mom is teaching my kids to write thank you notes. I can remember my mom sitting us down after Christmas and having us write notes to grandparents and cousins, etc., but when it comes to my own kids I’ve pretty much dropped the ball there. It’s just one […]

50+ easy birthday party games for no-stress party planning

This is a GREAT list of easy birthday party games that don't cost much money and are easy to prepare. I'm totally using some of these ideas!

Alright ladies, repeat after me: planning my child’s birthday party does not have to stress me out. Period. We’ve somehow moved into an era of ah-mazing kid’s birthday parties, complete with magazine-worthy decorations, a bevy of color coordinated eats, and entertainment that’s planned to coordinate to the minutest detail with the party’s theme. Hey, if party planning […]

20 easy-to-decorate birthday cakes (that even I can’t mess up)


I’m absolutely terrible at decorating birthday cakes. Honestly, I am (check this out if you don’t believe me). Luckily for me, my kids are terribly sweet, and will swear up and down that the awful looking cake I just made is really just what they wanted. But, just so they don’t have to keep consoling […]

because pirates are awesome and fondant is yucky


My little kids are obsessed with pirates. Our swing set out back is officially a pirate ship (fueled by swing power, of course), and I’m regularly asked to play Captain Hook. Last week I decided to win some “great mom” points by making some pirate cupcakes, so I started searching Pinterest for ideas. Much to […]

fun DIY mini photo shoot ideas for fantastic birthday photos


Last week I wrote quite the rant on birthday parties, but I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea: I love birthdays and I love helping my kids celebrate another year in our family. One of my favorite things to do on (or near) a child’s birthday is to hold a mini photo shoot […]

why guilt is not invited to my child’s birthday party


From Facebook: I just spent an hour browsing pinterest for ideas for my son’s upcoming birthday, and suddenly I feel completely incapable of throwing a party for six 8-yr-olds. Anyone want to fess up to feeling this way? I have, and my friends have, and maybe you have too. But you know what? It’s crazy. […]

20 best Christmas gift ideas for boys


By this time each year my kids each have a holiday gift list a mile long, so you’d think it would be easy to decide what to get them for Christmas. The only problem is their lists are often full of things I don’t want to buy for them. Let me explain: I’m tired of […]