20 adorable Easter crafts easy enough for kids


I’ve mentioned before that I don’t decorate much for holidays, but one thing I do like to do for each big holiday is spend some time crafting with my kids. I like projects that are fairly easy and don’t require tons of supplies. I’ve found tutorials for 20 adorable Easter crafts that are simple enough […]

totally awesome DIY LEGO Easter eggs


Time for another mom confession: dyeing Easter eggs is not high on my list of favorite activities. In fact, dyeing eggs is kinda fraught with problems, if you ask me, at least when you have lots of kids. First off, you have multiple cups full of liquid dye just waiting to be tipped over by […]

goldenrod {have extra hardboiled eggs on hand?}

Growing up, we had creamed eggs and toast (goldenrod) for breakfast every Easter morning. My parents scheduled the Easter “festivities” like dying eggs or having an egg hunt for earlier in the week leading up to Easter and then reserved Easter day for a more religious observance of the holiday. This meant that my sisters […]

Easter chalkboard art printable

So, do you ever think you’ll be able to do something (that looks easy!), just to give it a try and fail miserably? Well, that’s what happened with this project. I’ve seen so many cool hand-lettered calligraphy printables around lately and I thought, why not make one of my own? Apparently I forgot that my […]