hopping frogs free printable Valentine’s Day cards

Cute free printable Valentine's Day card with hopping frog toys. Great non candy Valentine idea. Cheap and easy DIY Valentine's Day cards.

I have one more DIY Valentine’s Day card printable for you today! (Check out the mini glider planes card here and the emoji bracelets card here.) These little hopping frogs jump pretty far and are fun enough that kids might not even mind they aren’t made of chocolate. I found hopping frogs at Walmart in […]

emoji bracelet free printable Valentine’s Day card

Cute free printable DIY Valentine's Day card with emoji bracelets. Such a fun non-candy Valentine idea!

When I told my kids we were going to give non-candy Valentine’s Day cards to their friends this year they were pretty skeptical. My son informed me kids like candy best and my daughter just frowned. But I knew I could convince them if I could find non-candy options that were sufficiently cool. My son […]

mini airplane/glider free printable Valentine’s Day card

Cute DIY Valentine's Day card with mini airplanes / gliders. Perfect for boys! Free printable Valentine card. Easy & cheap idea - enough for two classrooms of kids for under $10!

Since we’re just a couple weeks away from Valentine’s Day, I’ll be sharing three more DIY Valentine’s cards that you can print and assemble with your kids. Today’s card is a fun one for boys or girls because they get to give their friends a mini glider airplane. All you have to do is print […]

cinnamon hearts hard candy for Valentine’s Day

how to make cinnamon hard candy. Easy recipe for hot cinnamon hearts for Valentine's Day or anytime.

Cinnamon hard candy is one of my kids’ favorite treats to make. All you have to do is boil three ingredients, add coloring and flavor, and pour it out to cool, and you have homemade hard candy (much like a sucker or a Jolly Rancher). We make it every Christmas, but this year we ordered […]

Free printable Valentine’s Day candygram (candy poster)

Valentine's Day candygram! Free printable candy poster. Great Valentine's gift for husbands, guys, teens, boyfriends, etc. Cheap and easy!

If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s Day gift that won’t break the bank, a candy bar poster is a great idea. It’s a fun way to show someone you care without going over the top. Candy bar posters, or candygrams, are perfect for your husband, your kids, your kids’ friends, teens’ boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. In fact, […]

25 easy Valentine’s Day treats to make with your kids

Easy and fun Valentine's Day treats to make with your kids. Easy recipes perfect for a Valentine's party.

Seriously folks, I’ve decided most holidays are just an excuse to make fun treats. Not that I’m complaining, of course. I love cooking with my kids (translation: sometimes it’s worth a giant mess and the fact that everything takes at least four times longer than it should to let the kids have the fun of […]

DIY conversation hearts Valentine’s Day photo card

What a fun idea! Take a photo of your child to make it look like she's holding a box of Sweethearts for a fun DIY Valentine's Day card. Easy instructions and free printable included.

When I was a kid, I LOVED getting boxes of conversation hearts on Valentine’s Day. I mean, any card with candy was awesome (meaning it didn’t get thrown away quite as fast as the non-candy ones). But the conversations hearts were just the awesome-est. So when I saw the boxes of Sweethearts hit the stores this […]

shot through the heart (shaped) Valentine’s brownies

Such a cute Valentine's Day treat! Shot through the heart brownies. Easy Valentine recipe to make with your kids.

Happy it’s almost Valentine’s Day, everyone. Of course, it isn’t actually almost Valentine’s Day, but just like Walmart, I’m going to pretend it is. Because we all know we need at least a full month to prep for any holiday, right? Anyway in honor of it being just over a month away from V-day, I’m […]