freezer to oven single serving triple berry crisps

these single serving berry crisps make perfect gifts! They're so easy to put together and keep in the freezer until you're ready to bake for a special treat to share. Super easy recipe.

When I want to let someone know I appreciate them, or welcome someone into the neighborhood, I always give them food – usually homemade bread or treats. Partially because I just like baking and partially because homemade food is what I’d want someone to give me. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve baked […]

easy to decorate M&M Christmas sugar cookies

These are adorable! Mini M&Ms make it super easy to decorate Christmas sugar cookies. Fun kid activity and great sugar cookie and cream cheese frosting recipe.

So you know those cookie decorating videos you see on the internet? Where people magically turn a cookie into a piece of art? Ya, I can’t do that. I’m pretty good at making cookies, but I lack basic cookie decorating skills. Or maybe just the will to spend that much time on each cookies. And […]

crockpot caramel apple butter | DIY gift idea

This recipe for caramel apple butter is easy to make in the crockpot and tastes amazing! Wonderful DIY Christmas gift idea. Comes with free labels for the jars. Slow cooker recipe.

I’m not sure where apple butter has been all my life, but I recently discovered it and wow it’s amazing. I want to put it on everything: pancakes and English muffins and toast and ice cream. And graham crackers. Don’t get me wrong, I love homemade jam, but right now it’s apple butter all the way. […]

pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls recipe

These pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls with maple cream cheese frosting are incredible! This easy recipe is the perfect fall or holiday dessert or breakfast.

Anyone else think it’s funny that the internet officially goes CRAZY over pumpkin spice this time every year? It’s like it’s this magical substance that only exists in the fall, which we all know is ridiculous. True, it is a scientific fact that no one actually craves pumpkin during the first eight months of the year, […]

homemade dark chocolate fudge ice cream

This homemade dark chocolate fudge ice cream is amazing! It's rich and creamy and better than anything you can get at the grocery store. Click through for the step by step video that makes it easy to follow the recipe.

I like my ice cream dark. Dark and fudgey. Chocolate ice cream from the grocery store really doesn’t interest me. It’s this barely brown stuff that (I suppose) tastes a bit like chocolate. When I eat ice cream, I want something dark and rich and creamy and amazing. So a few years ago I went on […]

red, white & blue no churn ice cream for Fourth of July

Red, white, and blue no churn cake ice cream! This is super easy to make, doesn't require an ice cream machine, and is perfect for the Fourth of July! Easy 4th of July dessert recipe.

Have you tried no churn ice cream yet? It’s easy homemade ice cream that only takes a few ingredients and doesn’t even require an ice cream machine. I’ve seen no churn recipes all over the place and I’ll admit, I was pretty darn skeptical – churning is kind of a vital part of making ice cream. […]

frozen s’mores | pudding & marshmallow sandwiches

Frozen s'mores! Layers of chocolate pudding and marshmallow cheesecake sandwiched between graham crackers and frozen for the perfect summer treat. Super easy recipe!

Sometimes you just want the flavors of a s’more without the work (or heat) of a campfire, right? These frozen s’mores are the perfect treat for a hot summer day because you get all the chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker taste in a cold refreshing format. They’re easy to make and keep in the freezer so you can […]

25 amazing cake mix hack recipes

Cake mix hacks! 25 amazing easy recipes that start with a box cake mix: donuts, bars, waffles, cookies, muffins, truffles, and more

Ok, I’m generally a from-scratch kind of girl, but when it comes to cakes, I’m totally cool with starting with a boxed mix. With a little love, those boxes produce pretty darn good cakes. What’s even better is that with the right recipe, they can produce all sorts of other delicious desserts, from donuts and […]