silly snacks to make with your kids {easy + healthy}

these adorable silly snacks for kids are healthy and easy to make! Ham & cheese chick, peanut butter banana bear, blueberry pretzel butterfly, and kiwi nutella flower.

When my kids get home from school, I always say something like, “Hey honey, I missed you! How was school?” And they reply: “Mom, what can I eat?” From the oldest to the youngest, every one of my children walks through the door after school and heads straight to the pantry to find a snack. And […]

easy slow cooker lasagne recipe

Did you know you can make lasagne in the crockpot? It's super easy and tastes great! Slow cooker lasagna recipe.

One of the most popular posts on this site from a couple of years ago was an easy slow cooker lasagne recipe. I made it for the first time in months last week and remembered how dead simple it is to put together AND all five of my children practically licked their plates clean, which […]

pesto chicken tear & share | easy recipe

Pesto chicken tear & share is an easy stuffed bread recipe that's so delicious! Perfect as an appetizer or main dish. It's fast because it starts with refrigerated dough!

The easy & delicious stuffed bread recipe is a quick option for an appetizer or main dish that everyone will love! A few weeks ago I started watching the Great British Baking Show. An addition to being delighted by everyone’s accents and the fact that they are all so polite (they put our American competition […]

pizza wafflewich {easy recipe kids can make}

My kids would love this! Make pizza in the waffle iron with sandwich bread and toppings for a super easy snack. Recipe kids can make.

I have entered a phase of life people have been warning me about for years: the time when my teenage boys will begin eating me out of house and home. Technically, I only have one teenager, but two more are turning 13 in a few months, and the volume of food we are going through […]

buffalo chicken rollups {easy recipe}

Buffalo Chicken Rollups: this easy recipe is perfect for a quick dinner or holiday party appetizer. Only five ingredients!

‘Tis the season for baking, right? And candy making. And decorating gingerbread houses. I end up spending more time in the kitchen during the holidays than any other time of the year, and for the most part I love it. But I will admit that with all this extra cooking going on, it’s sometimes a bit […]

easy & delicious holiday ham recipe


Spice up your holiday dinners this year with this easy and delicious holiday ham recipe. This post is brought to you by EVITE® and 100% DOLE® Canned Pineapple Juice. I’m always a little nervous when it’s my turn to cook on Thanksgiving, because there are so many questions when it comes to cooking a turkey: to brine or […]

easy + fancy chocolate cream cheese bundt cake

you won't believe how easy it is to make this chocolate cream cheese bundt cake! it starts with a cake mix, and it ends up amazing.

I’m a big fan of easy. A really big fan of easy. But I’ve got to say I also don’t mind showing up somewhere with a dessert that makes a bit of a statement. This easy chocolate cream cheese bundt cake looks pretty fancy, but is seriously so simple my kids could make it. And […]

the best camping recipes so you never have to eat hotdogs again

Now I can stop making hot dogs every time we go camping! I can't wait to try some of these recipes.

Ok, I actually like hot dogs. I do. Just not every single time we go camping. But getting everything ready to take the seven people camping is a ton of work – what with sleeping bags and pillows and tents and lanterns and toilet paper etc., – so I can never seem to spare the time to figure […]