berry cheesecake fluff {a lighter holiday dessert}

This berry cheesecake fluff is quick and easy to make and works for a side dish or light holiday dessert!

As we head into the dessert extravaganza that we like to call the “holiday season,” I thought I’d share a recipe I just discovered: berry cheesecake fluff. This fluff is creamy and indulgent, so much so that I was certain it was made with cream cheese and maybe some actual cream. Instead, it’s made with lighter […]

easy & healthy vanilla rainbow fruit smoothies

these taste like the smoothies you get at the mall, but way healthier! vanilla rainbow fruit smoothies: just fruit and vanilla almond milk. easy!

If you asked, I would probably tell you I want to eat healthier. Everyone wants to eat healthier, right? Healthier is a good thing. Less sugar, more real food, and all that jazz. But deep down, I really just want to eat stuff that tastes good. I really, really like food. Thinking about having to eat […]

skinny spinach dip {with just a quarter of the calories!}

skinny spinach dip with just a quarter of the calories of the original! tastes great.

One of my favorite “party” foods is creamy spinach dip, made using the Knorr Vegetable soup mix packet. Served with vegetables, crackers, or bread cubes, I could sit and eat this stuff all night. In fact, I think I have. Unfortunately, since the main ingredients in this stuff are mayonnaise and sour cream, even the […]

20 amazing salsa recipes to try


Nothing says summer like salsa, right? Except maybe homemade ice cream. Or any ice cream, for that matter. This is where (since I’m a blogger) I wax lyrical about how amazing salsa is and how it’s even better than ice cream and how you should want to make some right this minute! But I’m not […]

how to make easy 1 ingredient caramel sauce (the safe way!)


One of my very favorite side dishes to take along to barbecues or potlucks is a big plate of apples with creamy homemade caramel sauce. Everybody loves it (and I mean everybody!), it’s great for kids who might be a little picky, it’s inexpensive, and best yet it’s SO EASY to make! My favorite homemade […]

how to make easy & delicious homemade raspberry freezer jam


If you’ve never made homemade berry freezer jam before, you are missing out! Homemade jam is so much tastier than the store bought version that it’s almost a completely different food. Making your own jam might seem intimidating, but freezer jam is actually quite simple to make – no big canning pots or supplies required […]

the very best cheesy hashbrown casserole {funeral potatoes}


So, hashbrown casserole. One of those normal side dishes everyone likes, because it’s good, easy, and goes especially well with ham, but no one’s doing cartwheels over, ‘cuz it’s just plain old hash brown casserole, right? Well, not anymore. A few years ago at a church dinner I happened upon a hashbrown casserole that was […]