the perfect slouchy sweatshirt | free pattern

Learn how to sew this cute slouchy sweatshirt with this easy to follow sewing tutorial and a free pattern in womens size large.

I have a hard time with my wardrobe this time of year because I’m tired of all those fall/winter clothes I pulled out way back in September, but we’re still months away from being able to wear all my spring/summer clothes. Plus with the continuing cold gray days, I just really want to snuggle up […]

easy half circle skirt sewing tutorial

Easy half circle skirt sewing tutorial - no zippers, no buttons, just a cute, easy skirt! How to sew a half circle skirt.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love skirts, especially in warm weather. People think I’m all dressed up, but what they don’t realize is that skirts with elastic waists are just my warm weather version of sweats. And skirts are super easy to sew, especially when you use a stretchy knit fabric so you don’t even […]

20 easy sewing projects for beginners

20 easy sewing projects for beginners. I think i could actually do some of these! Bags, pillows, skirts, scarves, kid stuff, and more.

If you haven’t ventured too far into the world of sewing, chances are you’re intimidated by the thought of getting started. It seems like there’s so much to learn: fabric types and sewing jargon and what to do when the thread gets all bunched up. In reality, sewing is actually pretty easy, especially if you […]

how to make a cap sleeve maxi dress in 30 minutes

learn how to sew this cute maxi dress in just half an hour! It stars with a tee shirt and a sheet.

A few weeks ago I shared a simple girls’ dress made from an existing tee shirt and some fabric – it was so easy and turned out so cute I wanted to try the same process on a dress for me. So I found a pretty tee and a patterned sheet for the skirt, and […]

cute shirt + cute fabric = easiest dress ever

all you need is a cute tee and some fabric to make this super easy gathered skirt dress.

Today’s sewing tutorial is easy. Really easy. If you read blogs much you’ve probably seen it before: just sew some cute gathered fabric onto the bottom of a cute shirt to make an even cuter dress. Done. Mind-blowingly simple. But many of the tutorials I’ve seen for this type of dress skip one simple step that really […]

how to sew a circle skirt in 20 minutes or less

you can sew this adorable skirt in 20 minutes or less - no joke! vegan leather circle skirt for girls.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like quick, easy sewing projects? Only about a hundred times, right? The other day I was trying to sew (amidst the mess that is our family of seven in between moving house AGAIN) and I just kept running into problems. Like putting on a pocket, only to realize […]

how to sew with vegan (faux) leather & a giveaway!

vegan leather - looks fun to sew with! everything you need to know about how to sew with faux vegan leather.

Recently I’ve been sharing sewing tips for fabrics you may not have sewn with before: last month it was stretch denim, and the month before that it was sweater knit. Today I’m talking about another fabric you may have have sewn with before: vegan leather. So, obviously, vegan leather is faux (fake) leather, but it’s nothing like […]

20 quick, easy and beautiful things to crochet

great ideas for small, quick crochet projects

There are so many cool free crochet patterns available that I always think I’m finally going to learn how to crochet. But then I get intimidated by the thought of making an entire blanket – I mean how many hours and skeins of yarn does it take to make one of those anyway? So I’ve […]