half circle maxi skirt | easy sewing tutorial

How to make a full, flattering maxi skirt. Easy sewing tutorial.

I love maxi skirts–I feel like the length is pretty flattering on me and they usually manage to hide most of my “problem areas”. However I do have one beef with them: most maxi skirts you find in the stores are cut quite slim through the hips. Combine a tighter cut with the lightweight stretchy fabric […]

easy half circle skirt sewing tutorial

Easy half circle skirt sewing tutorial - no zippers, no buttons, just a cute, easy skirt! How to sew a half circle skirt.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love skirts, especially in warm weather. People think I’m all dressed up, but what they don’t realize is that skirts with elastic waists are just my warm weather version of sweats. And skirts are super easy to sew, especially when you use a stretchy knit fabric so you don’t even […]

the breezy tee tunic | free sewing pattern

This easy to sew tunic pattern only has two pieces and is free in women's size L! Quick, easy sewing tutorial, perfect for spring.

It’s still cold here, but we’ve seen a few hints of spring this past week, so I decided to celebrate with a new short sleeve top. I made a tunic that’s long enough to wear with leggings, because I’m sure we have plenty of boots and cardigan weather still ahead. I used my free breezy […]

long sleeve raglan sweatshirt | free sewing pattern

Learn how to make a DIY raglan sweatshirt with this easy to follow sewing tutorial and free pattern in size L.

I’m so over winter. Just over it. But unfortunately, it’s nowhere near done yet. Since I have at least another month or two of snow to slog through, I thought I might as well make a new sweatshirt with this cute floral ponte I ordered forever ago from Girl Charlee (looks like it’s no longer in […]

how to fix your jeans waistband {no more jeans gap!}

No more jeans gap! How to fix the waistband of your jeans so it doesn't gape in the back and show too much when you sit down. This is genius. Easy sewing tutorial.

So, as strange as it is to be talking about this online, I’ve got some junk in the trunk. I’m ok with that, but there is one problem: when I find jeans that fit well in the bum and thighs, they’re a little too big in the waist, which leads to another annoying problem…the waistband never […]

DIY sweater laptop tote {easy sewing tutorial}

What a fun idea! Make a DIY laptop tote from a thrifted sweater. She even used a belt for the handles! The sewing tutorial looks super easy.

We just got a Chick-fil-A in town and I’m beginning to discover why every mom in the country loves that place so much. It’s clean, the employees are helpful and friendly, my daughter loves the play place, and the food is actually good! Since it’s so cold out here, it’s a great place to hang […]

20 easy sewing projects for beginners

20 easy sewing projects for beginners. I think i could actually do some of these! Bags, pillows, skirts, scarves, kid stuff, and more.

If you haven’t ventured too far into the world of sewing, chances are you’re intimidated by the thought of getting started. It seems like there’s so much to learn: fabric types and sewing jargon and what to do when the thread gets all bunched up. In reality, sewing is actually pretty easy, especially if you […]

the breezy tee long sleeve sweater dress {free sewing pattern}

Learn how to sew this cute, easy to make DIY sweater dress or tunic with a free printable pattern and sewing tutorial.

Breezy fall days always make me want to curl up with a book and a blanket on a cozy corner of my couch, and occasionally, thanks to the fact that most of my kids are in school, I actually get to do it! If there’s any chance of curling up, my jeans are not going […]