tips for photographing babies {and a $100 Jo Totes giveaway!}


I have some tips for you today to help you take great photographs of your baby, but before I get started I want to let you know that at the end of the post you have a chance to win $100 to Jo Totes so you can order an amazing camera/laptop bag! It can be […]

20 best baby products {to make life easier for new moms}


Everyone who hasn’t had kids yet is astounded by the amount of “gear” required for a new baby. Honestly, you probably don’t really need much more than diapers, food, and a carseat, but there are products out there that will make any new mom’s life so much easier. However, there are SO MANY baby products […]

get great photos of a newborn baby in the hospital


If you’ve had a baby, you know how exciting it is to share the first photos of your little one with the world. However, many of the photos we snap in the hospital don’t end up being the best we’ve ever taken. Want better new baby photos without paying a professional to come take them? […]

pretty print blouse & puff pocket shorts {a refashioned wardrobe}

This is the last outfit in my little girl’s refashioned wardrobe, and it’s definitely my favorite. Her top is made from a blouse I bought for myself at the thrift store – I absolutely loved the print and the fact that it was so light and flowy. But I got home and realized a large […]

summer shortie and simple shrug {refashioned wardrobe}

I just have two more outfits to show you in my daughter’s refasioned wardrobe, and this summer shortie is one of them. This outfit started with a gray blouse that I really loved because of the cute pleat details down the front, but that was just too short for me. It would have been simplest […]

winter white sweater dress upcycle

I love sweater dresses on little girls. They just look comfy and cozy and sweet. I made this winter white sweater dress last week using a women’s sweater from the thrift store. It wasn’t much to look at to begin with, but it transformed into a cute little winter white dress for my almost 2 […]

little girl skinny jeans using a leggings pattern

Well, since I jumped on the skinny jean bandwagon I figured my daughter ought to as well. She already has a pair of little boots that she loves, so she just needed some skinnies to go with them. But I’m cheap. Really very cheap. So I didn’t run to Target and drop $15 on baby […]