10 books not to miss from 2016

10 best books of 2016! Ten books not to miss from this past year. Great book list and gift ideas.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the holidays is to steal a few hours to cuddle up with a good book (and some holiday treats!). Since 2016 is drawing to a close, I asked my good friend & librarian Amber to give us a list of the 10 best books from this year. These are amazing […]

clean young adult books & series for your teens

Great list of clean reads for teens! 60 fantastic young adult novels your teenager will want to read. YA book list.

I can still remember reading “The Secret Garden” at age 8 and realizing that reading was the best thing in the whole world. I flew through the books in my elementary school library and started begging my dad to take me to the city library every Saturday to find more books. I started making my own book […]

punch card bookmark to encourage & reward reading

Good idea to encourage and reward reading: free printable punch card bookmarks. Punch a hole each time kids read, and when the card is full they get a reward. Good idea for reluctant readers.

I’m lucky; my kids love school. It means heading back to school is exciting and fun for all of us–they can’t wait to see their friends and I can’t wait to go grocery shopping alone. (Alone! With no one asking me for anything. It’s amazing, people.) But getting back into the swing of homework can […]

20 fantastic audiobooks for kids & adults

Great list of audiobooks to listen to in the car split up by age: kids, tween, teens, and adults. Perfect for long road trips!

I love reading, but listening to audiobooks had never really appealed to me until about ten years ago, when I had three kids and realized quite how much of the rest of my life I’d spend in the car. My husband and I decided that we wouldn’t allow screens of any sorts on car rides (unless we […]

10 amazing novels that will take you to a different time

10 amazing historical novels that will take you to another place and time. I love finding new ideas for what books to read next! Great historical fiction

Ok guys, we’re getting to the end of the school year and I can’t tell you how much I want to go on a vacation! But the kids still have over a month of school left, so for now I’m curbing the vacation craving with some incredible historical fiction–books that take me somewhere and somewhen else. […]

10 books not to miss from 2015

This is a great book list! I've read a few and they're fantastic - I'm going to check out the rest! 10 books not to miss from 2015.

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over I might actually have some time to read! 2015 was a busy year for me and I know I missed a lot of good books, so I asked my good friend Amber (who happens to be a librarian) to share her top 10 books not to […]

30 incredible book series for kids ages 8-12

great list of fantastic series for kids ages 8-12. great books to put on the summer reading list!

A few weeks ago I posted a list of amazing books for kids ages 8-12. When I started compiling the list I ended up with so many good titles that I decided to break it into two parts, and today I’m sharing part 2: 30 incredible book series for boys and girls ages 8-12, which corresponds […]

summer boredom busters for kids {books, games, and more!}

Tired of trying to keep your kids entertained over summer break? Check out this great list of activity books, games, and toys that will keep kids busy and happy without an adult's help!

I love the extra time I get to spend with my kids during summer vacation – it’s awesome to read together during lazy mornings or go to the pool when they’d normally be gone at school. But, there are times when I really would just love for them to amuse themselves for an hour or […]