printable holiday shopping planner pages


Every year I have big plans to have all my holiday shopping completed by Thanksgiving, and every year when turkey day rolls around I’ve hardly even started. And every year the list of people to shop for gets a little bit longer… Since there’s not tons of time left to shop, I’ve created some printable […]

20 best family games to buy this holiday season

20 best family games to get for Christmas

Getting a new game to play on Christmas Eve is a popular holiday tradition for many families. I grew up playing lots of games together with my family, and I’ve wanted to continue that tradition with my own kids. At the same time, I’ll admit most “kid” games bore me TO DEATH. So I’ve compiled […]

20 best Christmas gifts for girls


Last week I posted the 20 best Christmas gifts for boys, a list of gifts my boys have actually played with over the years (as opposed to the ones that get broken or ignored). It’s been so popular I decided to compile a list for girls. Since my daughter is still fairly young I called on […]

20 best Christmas gift ideas for boys

best christmas gifts for boys

By this time each year my kids each have a holiday gift list a mile long, so you’d think it would be easy to decide what to get them for Christmas. The only problem is their lists are often full of things I don’t want to buy for them. Let me explain: I’m tired of […]