tulle sweatshirt dress | easy sewing tutorial

Add a pretty tulle skirt to a storebought sweatshirt for an adorable little girl's dress. How to sew a girls dress. Easy sewing tutorial.

Every once in a while I peruse the kids section at J. Crew to get sewing ideas. I’m not likely to spend $40 on a sweater or $70 on a dress for my six-year-old, but I do love the look of their clothes. I especially liked this tulle skirted sweatshirt dress I saw recently and decided to figure out […]

the “hello spring” girls’ dress | free pattern in size 4/5

So cute! Free printable PDF pattern for this easy to sew girls' dress or top, plus a great step by step photo tutorial. Pattern comes in girls size 5.

Hey all, I have a new free pattern for you today! Last spring the free flutter sleeve dress and top pattern was so popular, I decided to draft up a new girl’s dress pattern for this year: the hello spring dress & top. This pattern is easy to sew up using a knit fabric on top […]

sweater to dress upcycle {easy sewing tutorial}

So cute! How to turn an adult size sweater into a little girl's dress: easy sewing tutorial. I have the perfect sweater to try this with!

I don’t upcycle clothes as much as I used to – there was a time when my friends used to joke that all my daughter’s outfits were made from tablecloths and her dad’s old shirts – but sometimes I see something in my size that I know is all wrong for me and all right for […]

cute & comfy leggings made from a sweater

So cute! She made leggings for her daughter from old sweaters - they look so cozy! The sewing tutorial looks really easy, too.

A few years ago I made my daughter a pair of leggings out of an old sweater. They were cozy and soft (and adorable!) and she wore them through the winter, then promptly grew out of them…and I forgot all about them. Until I saw a pair of sweater leggings at the store a few weeks […]

the play-all-day dress: free girls’ dress pattern in 6 sizes

free sewing pattern for this easy girls' play dress pattern in 6 different sizes! 4-14

I have a fun freebie for you guys today: it’s the Play All Day girls’ dress pattern. This pattern is designed to be the absolutely easiest way to make a basic knit dress for a girl. And when I say easy, I mean easy. The first time you make one it will probably take about […]

easy DIY princess nightgown {upcycled from a tee}

cute! easy to sew DIY princess nightgown is made from a women's tee. All it takes is two seams and a little elastic!

Three years ago I shared a tutorial for turning a women’s tee into a girl’s princess nightgown in about 15 minutes with two seams and a little elastic. It was one of my most popular tutorials for a long time, even though the photos weren’t great. I recently made a new upcycled nightgown for my […]

easy to sew skirt with attached shorts

Add fabric to purchased shorts to make a cute skirt with attached shorts - this looks so easy!

My daughter loves wearing skirts and I can’t blame her. They’re comfy, cool, and totally adorable. However, she also loves climbing, spinning, and running around, which means she ends up flashing her My Little Pony undies rather more often than I’d like. Last summer I made her a skirt with attached shorts, which she’s worn […]

how to sew a circle skirt in 20 minutes or less

you can sew this adorable skirt in 20 minutes or less - no joke! vegan leather circle skirt for girls.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like quick, easy sewing projects? Only about a hundred times, right? The other day I was trying to sew (amidst the mess that is our family of seven in between moving house AGAIN) and I just kept running into problems. Like putting on a pocket, only to realize […]