how to get stuff done when you have little kids

Great tips for how to get stuff done when you have little kids at home! Wish I'd read this years ago.

My youngest child is now five, but I remember what days were like back when I had more toddlers than hands to hold them with: the way walls got “decorated” on what felt like a daily bases, the way a mess could multiply in seconds, and the way it seemed like I could never, ever sit down long […]

teach kids to fold laundry with this simple hack!

GENIUS! This simple cardboard folding helper makes it easy for kids fold their own clothes - what a great way to teach them to clean up. Click through to see how to make this laundry hack for $1.

I am a firm believer in teaching kids to do chores around the house, even when it’s easier to just do them yourself. However, there’s one chore I never have the little ones help with. (And no, it’s not loading the dishwasher – I’m not one of those people who won’t even let another adult touch […]

how to get your kids to stop fighting {21 great ideas!}

great tips for how to get your kids to stop fighting - I want to try #18! stop sibling fights

If you’re well into summer break where you live, meaning all your kids are home from school, you’re probably already tired of hearing your kids bicker. Why must they argue over every single thing? Why can’t they just. stop. bugging each other? And please, for the love of all that is holy, will someone invent partitions that […]

20 healthy easy recipes your kids will actually want to eat


Every year in January it seems like it would be a good idea to make an effort to cook healthier meals for my family. Of course, I’m kind of a lazy cook, so while the idea of cooking healthy food sounds good, I’m probably not actually going to do it if it takes lots of […]

superhero cape & skirt sewing tutorial {no-choke design}

awesome superhero cape and skirt for girls! great gift to sew. free pattern & tutorial included in post!

Yesterday I shared a pattern and sewing tutorial for a no-choke superhero cape, and today I’m back with a tutorial for adding a skirt. I love this type of superhero cape because the cape velcros to a front piece which is secured around the waist. This means if anyone pulls on the cape, it will […]

20 best Christmas gifts for kids & tweens


Last year my best gift ideas for girls and best gift ideas for boys were my most popular posts during the holiday season, so this year I’m back with another edition. As many readers pointed out, almost all the gifts on both lists could actually be enjoyed by either boys OR girls, so this year […]

best tips for taking great photos of your kids this halloween

how to take great photos of your kids this halloween - photography tips & tricks

Looking back at the photos I have of my kids over the year, Halloween photos are some of my absolute favorites. The kids just look so adorable in their costumes, and they’re usually grinning ear to ear in anticipation of candy overload. But since most of the action on Halloween happens after sunset, it can […]

how to take great photos of your kids – tips & tricks roundup


We all want amazing photos of our kids, but the process of getting them can be, well, unpleasant to say the least. Kids have an amazing ability to figure out exactly what you want them to do, and then refuse to do it. For hours. Regardless of bribing, cajoling, and threatening (usually in that order). Even if […]