20 best ideas, activities, and resources for road trips with kids


March means spring break is coming up, and spring break means road trip, right? Honestly, I used to think people who packed up a bunch of kids and drove for fifteen hours and called that fun were completely, certifiably insane. There are times when fifteen minutes in the car with kids who won’t stop bugging […]

the secret to a better portrait {how to take school photos at home!}

how to take great portraits at home

My oldest starts seventh grade this year and I have never purchased school pictures for any of my kids. I sometimes will buy the class photo for them, but I have no interest in paying exhorbitant prices for a school snapshot of them with messy hair and a cheesy smile. Instead I spent about ten […]

little man pajamas made from a men’s shirt

A few weeks ago I made some jammies for my baby girl using a large men’s sweatshirt I’d purchased on clearance for $1. I hit up a few garage sales this past weekend and found a bunch of men’s shirts for 50 cents each, so I decided I’d try to use a similar process to […]