pizza wafflewich {easy recipe kids can make}

My kids would love this! Make pizza in the waffle iron with sandwich bread and toppings for a super easy snack. Recipe kids can make.

I have entered a phase of life people have been warning me about for years: the time when my teenage boys will begin eating me out of house and home. Technically, I only have one teenager, but two more are turning 13 in a few months, and the volume of food we are going through […]

fun and easy Fourth of July crafts for kids

fun and easy 4th of July kids crafts - great ideas for fun family activities on Independence Day!

With the Fourth of July coming up in a few weeks, I spent some time searching out fun and easy kids crafts to help celebrate. Each of these ideas use simple, every day supplies, and would be perfect for a lazy summer afternoon or for keeping the kids busy while you’re waiting for fireworks on the […]

frosted graham crackers + the best chocolate frosting recipe

chocolate frosted graham crackers are so easy and quick to make, and they're delicious! click through for an amazing homemade chocolate frosting recipe.

One of our favorite quick treats is frosted graham crackers. They’re perfect for when you’re craving something tastier than store-bought cookies but don’t want to spend time baking. We use an easy homemade chocolate frosting recipe (found below) that only takes about 5 minutes to throw together, but you could use whatever flavor of frosting you like best! […]

cereal box monster jaws | fun & easy big kids’ craft


I wish I could say I spend every summer afternoon sitting next to my kids, doing crafts or reading books. The truth is that some days by the time 2 o’clock rolls around I’m worn out from the running around we’ve done all morning and the extra housework that comes with having all five of […]

how to get organized with a school memory binder (updated!)


Every year about this time my kids start bringing home loads of papers and pictures from school. They often end up with an entire binder full drawings, reports, etc., for each school year. By the time my oldest hit 6th grade we already had a shelf full of school binders that no one ever looked […]

20 adorable Easter crafts easy enough for kids


I’ve mentioned before that I don’t decorate much for holidays, but one thing I do like to do for each big holiday is spend some time crafting with my kids. I like projects that are fairly easy and don’t require tons of supplies. I’ve found tutorials for 20 adorable Easter crafts that are simple enough […]

totally awesome DIY LEGO Easter eggs


Time for another mom confession: dyeing Easter eggs is not high on my list of favorite activities. In fact, dyeing eggs is kinda fraught with problems, if you ask me, at least when you have lots of kids. First off, you have multiple cups full of liquid dye just waiting to be tipped over by […]

Valentine’s Day card to make with your kids


  This year will be my five year old’s first Valentine’s Day at school, and he’s heard a lot about what to expect from his big brothers. He keeps saying things to me like: “Did you know there’s this day when we all give each other treats and cards? And we get to have a […]