another easy tee dress & why sometimes sewing isn’t fun


Alright, so I’ve written and deleted the text to this post twice now. It was supposed to be one of those “I found a dress I liked but it was totally expensive so I just made my own version and it looks exactly the same and I saved a thousand dollars!” type posts (not that […]

PB Christmas wall sign knockoff {PEACE}


  So, putting up a sign that says “peace” at my house may be wishful thinking more than just holiday decorating, what with four boys and a little girl who gives them all a run for their money…but as soon as I saw this sign on Pottery Barn’s website I knew I could make it […]

anthropologie ruffled hem pullover knockoff


I love a good knockoff. It always makes me feel like I’m saving tons of money. The fact that I’d never spend all that money on the pricey original in the first place doesn’t matter one bit – making my own version for way less is still pretty fun. I was able to construct a […]

sew: anthro-inspired romantic white blouse

I’ve been wanting a pretty white blouse for a while, but I was having a hard time finding one I liked that would work. I don’t like sheer tops because I hate wearing undershirts, and finding a pretty white blouse that isn’t see through is pretty difficult. I loved the look of this Anthro top, […]