how to get organized with a school memory binder (updated!)


Every year about this time my kids start bringing home loads of papers and pictures from school. They often end up with an entire binder full drawings, reports, etc., for each school year. By the time my oldest hit 6th grade we already had a shelf full of school binders that no one ever looked […]

get organized with easy DIY fabric covered storage bins

***This post originally appeared at The Ribbon Retreat blog*** I recently repainted my family room and added some IKEA Expedit bookshelves to try to tidy up all the toys, books, and other items that get strewn across the room each day. Bins on a bookshelf are a perfect organizing solution for family rooms and bedrooms, […]

elementary school year in review printable divider pages

****For printables with updated years (including pre-school and going all the way to 12th grade) please click through to this post*** At the end of every school year my kids bring home a binder full of papers: drawings, writing samples, report cards, photos, etc. A whole binder for each year. My oldest is finishing up […]

Of resolutions, chore charts, and really terrible mornings

Since it’s the New Year and all I decided it was time to get our morning routine a little more organized (and by our I mean mine and the kids’). Here’s the plan: I get up a little earlier each morning so I can exercise and shower before the kids get up, then I can […]

stuffed animal swing {DIY hanging toy storage}

  I’ve spent some time hunting for a good organization system for my boys’ stuffed animals. I’ve seen hammocks which hang in a corner of the room (won’t work because there’s no free corner in their bedroom) and large custom built stuffed animal zoos ($200+) and bookshelves with dowels running down the front so kids […]

family command & homework center

With the prettifying of our kitchen, I decided it was high time to organize a narrow section of wall that leads from the front room into the kitchen. Before the kitchen update, it was a mess. It housed our phone, a calendar, random phone lists taped to the wall, and a big ugly shoe organizer […]