how to make easy 1 ingredient caramel sauce (the safe way!)

how to make easy caramel (dulche de leche) from sweetened condensed milk the safe way - in the oven

One of my very favorite side dishes to take along to barbecues or potlucks is a big plate of apples with creamy homemade caramel sauce. Everybody loves it (and I mean everybody!), it’s great for kids who might be a little picky, it’s inexpensive, and best yet it’s SO EASY to make! My favorite homemade […]

how to make easy sugar free snow cones at home

so cool! you can make homemade snow cones & sugar free syrup at home! any flavor

My kids love heading to the snow cone shack on warm summer evenings, but with seven of us it ends up being at $15-$20 every time we go. I recently realized I could make snow cones at home for way less money, and I figured out how to make them sugar free (without buying pricey […]

how to make easy & delicious homemade raspberry freezer jam

learn how to make easy homemade raspberry freezer jam

If you’ve never made homemade berry freezer jam before, you are missing out! Homemade jam is so much tastier than the store bought version that it’s almost a completely different food. Making your own jam might seem intimidating, but freezer jam is actually quite simple to make – no big canning pots or supplies required […]

20 easy cold treats to try this summer | frozen desserts


   As it starts to heat up outside, it’s time to keep the oven off whenever possible, which means less baking. That’s kind of sad for me, because baking is one of my favorite things to do, and eating baked goods is one of my second favorite things to do (although, to be honest I […]

s’mores pizza with graham cracker crust

s'mores pizza with graham cracker cookie crust

Like pretty much everyone else in the world, I love s’mores. I make them over a campfire, I make them in the microwave, and I’ve even made them by toasting marshmallows over the burners on my stove. But as a mother of 5, I have one beef with s’mores: they’re too hard to make in […]

easy breakfast recipe | chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie

easy chocolate breakfast smoothie recipe for a quick kid breakfast

***This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Nestle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #BreakfastEssentials I sometimes feel bad about the fact that weekday breakfasts in our house almost always consist of cold cereal. Don’t get me wrong – my kids love it and […]

make your weeknight special with the sweet sensation salad

incredible main dish salad recipe with chicken, bacon, cheese, craisins, pecans, and a delicious homemade dressing

I like big salads. I mean great big salads. Filled to the brim with all sorts of good toppings and an amazing dressing that makes the salad taste way better than it deserves to. It usually feels like too much work to make a salad like that at home – plus store bought salad dressings […]