easy DIY cookie basket made from a paper plate

what a cool idea - make a cookie gift basket from a paper plate!

You guys know by now I love baking. I think baked goods make great gifts, but there’s always the question of how to package them – for example, a pile of cookies on a paper plate doesn’t look quite as fantastic as it’s going to taste. At the same time, I’m just plain cheap, so […]

decadent double chocolate banana bread recipe

decadent chocolate banana bread recipe - easy and perfect for giving!

We’re pretty picky about bananas in our house. Most of us like them when they’re perfectly yellow – no green, no brown. Since “perfect yellow” only lasts a day or two, we end up with ripe bananas pretty regularly. This is our favorite banana bread recipe, but when we really want something decadent and dessert […]

amazing homemade raspberry rolls recipe

tender flakey rolls filled with sweet raspberry filling

I don’t love winter, but I do love BAKING, and there’s no better time to do it than on a cold winter morning. Honestly, these raspberry rolls (a close cousin to cinnamon rolls) almost make waking up to a foot of snow a happy occasion – if you’re going to be stuck inside, you might […]

the easiest way to frost sugar cookies


Sugar cookies are perfect for holidays – they’re so easy to customize to any theme and just about everyone likes them. But if you’re making dozens and dozens of cookies, frosting each one can take a long time, especially if you want them to look great. Over the years I’ve discovered a simple way to […]

bakery style blueberry muffins {with yogurt}

healthy greek yogurt blueberry muffin recipe is as delicious as bakery muffin with less sugar and fat

My kids are kinda hooked on muffins. It’s nice, because the older ones can whip up a box mix (or even make some from scratch) all by themselves, but we all know muffins ain’t the healthiest thing in the whole world, right? Especially the really good muffins – you know, those huge ones you get […]

creamy chicken and wild rice a roni soup recipe

super delicious chicken and wild rice soup recipe

My boys are cub scouts, which means every February we bring the whole fam to the Blue & Gold banquet, where the food is not exactly the highlight of the evening, if you know what I mean. I’m not complaining – it’s hard to feed a hundred people on a tiny budget – but I’m […]

big game appetizer blog hop & a huge giveaway!

best ever barbecue chicken nachos

It’s time for another great recipe blog hop and giveaway! This time 11 bloggers have teamed up to bring you fantastic appetizer recipes perfect for the Big Game that’s coming up next month, or any game day for that matter. And to make things even more fun, there’s a prize package worth $400 up for […]

better than Olive Garden garlic breadsticks recipe

better than Olive Garden garlic breadstick recipe

One of the best parts of going out to dinner at The Olive Garden has always been the breadsticks – they’re so warm, garlicky, and delicious that I keep the server busy bringing more baskets. But honestly, they aren’t quite as soft as they could be. And they really aren’t as buttery as they could […]