easy & delicious holiday ham recipe


Spice up your holiday dinners this year with this easy and delicious holiday ham recipe. This post is brought to you by EVITE® and 100% DOLE® Canned Pineapple Juice. I’m always a little nervous when it’s my turn to cook on Thanksgiving, because there are so many questions when it comes to cooking a turkey: to brine or […]

sugar cookies with almond glaze {Christmas cookies!}

Oh, these look good! How to make bakery style sugar cookies with sweet almond glaze. Great recipe for Christmas cookie exchanges!

There are two kinds of sugar cookies in this world: the first kind is soft and cakey and usually accompanied by fluffy pink frosting. They’re delicious, and I’ve already shared my mother’s famous soft sugar cookie recipe on the blog along with the easiest way to frost them. But it’s the second kind of sugar cookies […]

berry cheesecake fluff {a lighter holiday dessert}

This berry cheesecake fluff is quick and easy to make and works for a side dish or light holiday dessert!

As we head into the dessert extravaganza that we like to call the “holiday season,” I thought I’d share a recipe I just discovered: berry cheesecake fluff. This fluff is creamy and indulgent, so much so that I was certain it was made with cream cheese and maybe some actual cream. Instead, it’s made with lighter […]

easiest ever focaccia bread {made from frozen bread dough}

This focaccia bread is super easy to make because it starts with frozen bread dough, but it tastes amazing thanks to garlic and herbs. Best easy bread recipe ever!

I love bread. Love it! Take that, low carbers. Seriously, I know I should cut my carbs, but who can resist fresh hot homemade bread? I’ve shared lots of delicious bread recipes before, and most days I don’t mind spending the time to make bread from scratch. But there are days (you know those days) when […]

quick & easy 4-ingredient baked pumpkin donuts

these delicious pumpkin donuts are super easy because they start with a box mix and are ready in under 15 minutes! easy caramel glaze recipe included.

  Well, I don’t know what’s best about these little pumpkin donuts: the fact that they’re so easy and quick you can have some ready in 15 minutes, or the fact that they’re baked, not fried, which means you can eat twice as many (obviously). Last year I shared how my kids and I make […]

easy pumpkin pie cake recipe {better than pumpkin pie!}

easy pumpkin pie cake recipe: this is even better than pumpkin pie! great for holiday dinners because it serves 20.

I first shared this recipe a few years ago, but it’s been so popular I decided it needed new photos and a printable recipe card to go along with it. This is pumpkin pie cake, an amazing update to pumpkin pie that ditches the traditional crust in favor of buttery cake-crumbles. It’s easy to make, […]

easy + fancy chocolate cream cheese bundt cake

you won't believe how easy it is to make this chocolate cream cheese bundt cake! it starts with a cake mix, and it ends up amazing.

I’m a big fan of easy. A really big fan of easy. But I’ve got to say I also don’t mind showing up somewhere with a dessert that makes a bit of a statement. This easy chocolate cream cheese bundt cake looks pretty fancy, but is seriously so simple my kids could make it. And […]

homemade fudge surprise ice cream sandwiches

Use this easy recipe to make cake mix cookie ice cream sandwiches, then fill them with fudge and caramel for an amazing summer dessert!

Kids love ice cream sandwiches, but personally, I think the store-bought ones are just kind of boring. The idea of ice cream sandwiched between chocolatey cookies is a good one, but plain vanilla and not-so-rich cookies just doesn’t do it for me. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make homemade ice cream sandwiches using […]