easy + fancy chocolate cream cheese bundt cake

you won't believe how easy it is to make this chocolate cream cheese bundt cake! it starts with a cake mix, and it ends up amazing.

I’m a big fan of easy. A really big fan of easy. But I’ve got to say I also don’t mind showing up somewhere with a dessert that makes a bit of a statement. This easy chocolate cream cheese bundt cake looks pretty fancy, but is seriously so simple my kids could make it. And […]

homemade fudge surprise ice cream sandwiches

Use this easy recipe to make cake mix cookie ice cream sandwiches, then fill them with fudge and caramel for an amazing summer dessert!

Kids love ice cream sandwiches, but personally, I think the store-bought ones are just kind of boring. The idea of ice cream sandwiched between chocolatey cookies is a good one, but plain vanilla and not-so-rich cookies just doesn’t do it for me. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make homemade ice cream sandwiches using […]

frosted graham crackers + the best chocolate frosting recipe

chocolate frosted graham crackers are so easy and quick to make, and they're delicious! click through for an amazing homemade chocolate frosting recipe.

One of our favorite quick treats is frosted graham crackers. They’re perfect for when you’re craving something tastier than store-bought cookies but don’t want to spend time baking. We use an easy homemade chocolate frosting recipe (found below) that only takes about 5 minutes to throw together, but you could use whatever flavor of frosting you like best! […]

daisy braid bread {great beginner bread recipe!}

This gorgeous braided bread is easy to make and perfect for beginners. It rises in the fridge so you can make it ahead and bake whenever you want. Great recipe for gifting!

  Daisy braid bread was the very first bread recipe I learned to make all by myself, courtesy of Ms. Kellogg, my eighth grade home ec teacher. It looks impressive and tastes amazing, but it’s actually pretty easy to make, meaning it’s a perfect recipe for beginners. Seriously, no need to be scared even if […]

easy & healthy vanilla rainbow fruit smoothies

these taste like the smoothies you get at the mall, but way healthier! vanilla rainbow fruit smoothies: just fruit and vanilla almond milk. easy!

If you asked, I would probably tell you I want to eat healthier. Everyone wants to eat healthier, right? Healthier is a good thing. Less sugar, more real food, and all that jazz. But deep down, I really just want to eat stuff that tastes good. I really, really like food. Thinking about having to eat […]

easy healthy triple berry pancake topping {low sugar!}

finally, a healthy alternative to syrup! this low sugar triple berry pancake topping takes just minutes to make and you can even use frozen berries!

I recently made the mistake of reading the nutritional information on my favorite brand of berry syrup: 200 calories for a quarter cup serving. Ouch. This delicious stuff that turns plain old pancakes into something magical does it the same way most other magical food does – with lots of sugar. I’m not sure why […]

how to make cinnamon honey butter {easy recipe}

this cinnamon honey butter is so good and so easy to make! perfect on rolls, toast, even sweet potatoes!

I was pretty stoked a few years ago when our town got a Costco. Not only can we now shop there and spend way more money than we’d planned to every time we go, we can also wander around during lunchtime, eating up samples to our hearts’ content. Go Costco. Anyway, lately they’ve been sampling […]

glazed lemon cookies {easy cake mix hack recipe}

these crazy delicious lemon cookies only take a few minutes to make since they start with a cake mix

Around here springtime means one thing: lemon cookies. Ok, not really, because we’d never had lemon cookies until a few days ago. But springtime (or almost spring) is as good a time as any for pretty yellow cookies that mix up in mere minutes thanks to the not-so-secret ingredient: a boxed lemon cake mix. We’ve […]