make a dress longer using the lining | sewing tutorial


A few weeks ago I showed you how I made a thrifted dress longer by adding a band of contrast fabric across the hem. That’s an easy method, but what if you don’t want to add contrast fabric? What if you want the lengthened portion to look just like the rest of the dress so […]

thrifted dress refashion | make a dress smaller & longer


It feels like about a million years since I’ve posted a refashion project. My pile of “things to refashion” was getting big and I wasn’t ever getting around to taking care of any of it, so I made myself stop buying things at the thrift store unless they fit as-is. But then I found this […]

update sleeves for summer | long to short + ruching

easy DIY tutorial for turning long sleeves into short ruched sleeves

To go along with the skirt with attached shorts refashion¬†I posted earlier, today I have a super easy shirt refashion that lets you take a favorite long sleeve tee and get it ready for summer with cute, elbow length ruched sleeves instead. I started with an adorable striped baby Gap tee that I found at […]

gathered skirt with attached shorts | easy sewing tutorial

how to make a gathered skirt with attached shorts sewing tutorial

My little girl loves dresses and skirts, and lately she’s been insisting that they “float up” when she twirls. Gathered skirts are easy enough to make, but I end up spending the whole day reminding her to put her skirt back down and make sure her undies are covered. So I figured out how to […]

The Caroline Party Dress & Perfect Pattern Parcel


I got the chance to try out a new pattern this past week – The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations. After all the pattern-less sewing I’ve been doing for Project Run & Play (remember to go vote!), it was an absolute pleasure to sew up a dress following clear instructions and knowing that […]

sweats to skirt refashion for women {easy sewing tutorial}

easy sewing tutorial! learn to refashion old sweats into a cute spring skirt.

A few weeks ago I refashioned a pair of clearance sweatpants into a cute kangaroo pocket skirt for my daughter. It turned out pretty adorable, and a couple of you had the same next thought as I did: could I make one for myself? I headed back to Walmart, found more clearance sweats, and gave […]

DIY doily collar {easy sewing tutorial}


I’ve really been leaning toward easy projects lately. It’s hard when you’re juggling kids that don’t nap anymore and the house and work and church and all your other responsibilities to find time for a really involved project – and if you do make time and (heaven forbid) IT DOESN’T WORK, then you feel bad […]

colorblocked raglan refashion {women’s tee sewing tutorial}


I bought the “before” shirt in the photo above at the thrift store for three bucks a year or so ago. It was roomy and soft and I thought I’d wear it around the house with sweats on Saturdays. I’m sure I did once or twice, but I never really liked it: the neck was […]