tulle sweatshirt dress | easy sewing tutorial

Add a pretty tulle skirt to a storebought sweatshirt for an adorable little girl's dress. How to sew a girls dress. Easy sewing tutorial.

Every once in a while I peruse the kids section at J. Crew to get sewing ideas. I’m not likely to spend $40 on a sweater or $70 on a dress for my six-year-old, but I do love the look of their clothes. I especially liked this tulle skirted sweatshirt dress I saw recently and decided to figure out […]

easy DIY princess nightgown {upcycled from a tee}

cute! easy to sew DIY princess nightgown is made from a women's tee. All it takes is two seams and a little elastic!

Three years ago I shared a tutorial for turning a women’s tee into a girl’s princess nightgown in about 15 minutes with two seams and a little elastic. It was one of my most popular tutorials for a long time, even though the photos weren’t great. I recently made a new upcycled nightgown for my […]

how to take in or size down a shirt {the right way}

great tutorial shows you how to take in a shirt to make it smaller the right way. easy to follow sewing tutorial.

Plaid flannel shirts are back! It feels like high school to me when I see all this plaid in the stores. Of course, not many of us are wearing our flannel with Doc Martens anymore (remember those days?). I’ve purchased a few comfy plaid flannel shirts, and I have one beef with them: flannel shrinks, […]

add a ruffled hem to a girl’s sweater {easy sewing tutorial}


I’ve been cleaning out closets and boxing up clothes the kids have grown out of lately. Stuffed in a drawer in my daughter’s room was a cute sweater from Old Navy with a pretty ruffled hem that I bought on clearance a few years ago – and never pulled out last winter when it was […]

men’s tee to doily pocket shirt


Hey guys! I have another refashion today – I’m going to show you how easy it is to transform a men’s tee into a cute, feminine, doily-pocket shirt. This simple refashion is perfect for t-shirts you find at the thrift store or steal from your little brother (or teenage son!). I started with a grey GAP […]

make a dress longer using the lining | sewing tutorial


A few weeks ago I showed you how I made a thrifted dress longer by adding a band of contrast fabric across the hem. That’s an easy method, but what if you don’t want to add contrast fabric? What if you want the lengthened portion to look just like the rest of the dress so […]

thrifted dress refashion | make a dress smaller & longer


It feels like about a million years since I’ve posted a refashion project. My pile of “things to refashion” was getting big and I wasn’t ever getting around to taking care of any of it, so I made myself stop buying things at the thrift store unless they fit as-is. But then I found this […]

update sleeves for summer | long to short + ruching


To go along with the skirt with attached shorts refashion I posted earlier, today I have a super easy shirt refashion that lets you take a favorite long sleeve tee and get it ready for summer with cute, elbow length ruched sleeves instead. I started with an adorable striped baby Gap tee that I found at […]