the “play all day dress” free pattern w/raglan sleeves

Adorable! Learn how to sew this cute raglan sleeve play dress for a little girl with the free printable PDF sewing pattern and easy tutorial.

Last year I shared a free pattern (in sizes 4-14) for the easiest little girl’s dress ever, and I called it the Play All Day dress. It was designed specifically for charity sewing, because it’s fast and easy to sew up and doesn’t take much fabric, but it’s also great for making everyday play dresses […]

the classic tee in a relaxed fit | easy sewing tutorial

How to sew a classic women's tee with a relaxed fit. Free PDF pattern in size large and easy to follow sewing tutorial.

A few months ago I shared a free pattern for a classic women’s tee shirt in size L (get it here). Today I’m showing you how that same pattern looks sewn up in a softer fabric and with a little extra roominess. But first I’m going to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to say: Wow! School started […]

the classic tee free pattern | elbow length sleeves

Get the free sewing pattern for a classic tee shirt and learn how easy it is to sew a t-shirt.

A few weeks ago I shared a free pattern for a classic tee shirt in women’s size large. I included two sleeve lengths on the pattern – short sleeve and elbow length. I wanted to give you a look at how the top looks with the longer sleeve length. To get a copy of the […]

how to sew a raglan tee maxi dress | sewing tutorial

Great tutorial for how to sew this beautiful tee shirt maxi dress for women using a free tee shirt pattern. Easy sewing tutorial.

I don’t own a little black dress. Fashion magazines would tell me that’s a total fashion faux pas, but honestly, where in the world am I going to wear one? I do, however, own two long grey maxi dresses. I can wear these babies anywhere: they look cute and feel like pajamas, which always sounds just […]

the everyday maxi skirt | easy sewing tutorial

Easy sewing tutorial for a women's maxi skirt made from woven (not knit) fabric. How to sew a maxi skirt.

Guess what? I made another skirt. I know, you can hardly believe it. Anyway, as you can see it’s a maxi skirt. It was insanely easy to sew, AND it’s made out of a beautiful, flowy, lightweight fabric which is just perfect for summer. It’s cut wider at the bottom than most maxi skirts, which […]

the classic tee | free pattern in women size L

Learn to make a classic tee with this easy womens sewing tutorial and free pattern in size L. How to sew a t-shirt for women.

I’ve been meaning to put together a pattern for a basic, classic tee shirt for a long time, and I’ve finally gotten around to it. I know, it might seem like a waste of time to sew your own tees when they’re not that expensive to buy, but I hey, I like sewing, so I […]

sew the perfect knit fit & flare dress (without a pattern!)

This is cute! The post shows you how to sew the perfect knit fit & flare dress using a tee shirt to make your own pattern in any size. Easy sewing tutorial.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, or have ever seen me in real life, you know I really like dresses with magical muffin top disguising properties. I like to blame my muffin top on my five children, but honestly my love affair with ice cream is the true culprit, and I frankly can’t be […]

the easy tee swing dress | simple sewing tutorial

Learn how to make this easy to sew swing dress (perfect for summer!) using a free tee shirt pattern.

Since I plan to spend the entire summer avoiding the waistband of my jeans and wearing comfy dresses instead, I made a new dress. And to do so I revisited an old favorite of mine: the Easy Tee. This dress is made using the free Raglan Easy Tee pattern and I’m excited with the way it […]