how to sew girls’ skinny jeans from a leggings pattern

Easy to follow sewing tutorial teaches you how to make skinny jeans for a little girl using any leggings tutorial.

I gotta say, it’s pretty satisfying to make a pair of jeans. From scratch. All by yourself. Right now, I’m very satisfied with myself. Of course, I cheated. I don’t really have the patience to make an ACTUAL pair of jeans, so I basically made souped-up leggings instead. Souped-up leggings that LOOK like jeans, without […]

how to sew with stretch denim & a sewing giveaway


Denim has come a long way in the past 20 years. Remember when it was thick and stiff with very little give and it took forever to “break in” a pair of jeans? It was pretty darn hard to sew on, too. But now that we have the magic of stretch denim, most denim is […]

free t-shirt sewing patterns

great collection of free t-shirt sewing patterns. for women, men, and kids, in lots of sizes and styles. looks like I'll be making some tees in the near future!

You guys know I like to wing it when it comes to sewing projects. Not because my sewing skillz are too cool for patterns, just because I’m usually too lazy for them. I have this idea that it will be easier to just cut and sew instead of taking the time to find a pattern online, print […]

update old sweat pants with a slimmer fit

update old, slouchy sweatpants and turn them into on-trend skinny sweats. easy sewing tutorial.

My boys love sweat pants. Big, baggy, comfy sweats that have been passed down from one boy to the next–they don’t care how they look, they just love them. Me, not so much. I hate how boys’ sweat pants are so huge, and I especially don’t dig the gathered ankles that always seem to get yanked […]

DIY lace & knit infinity scarf + a sewing giveaway!

so pretty! learn how to make a soft lace & knit infinity scarf with this easy to follow sewing tutorial

My sister texted me a photo of a pretty infinity scarf a few months ago with the note “can you figure out how to make this?” She’d found a photo on pinterest, only to be disappointed that it linked to a site overseas she didn’t feel comfortable ordering from. So I told her sure, I’d […]

how to make a faux fur vest {with a hood!}

I want to make one of these! Easy DIY faux fur vest sewing tutorial.

Most of the time I try to sew practical things my daughter needs and will wear. Let me just tell you right now, no four year old needs a hooded faux fur vest. It doesn’t have sleeves, so it’s not like it’s keeping her warm, I have no idea if I can wash this thing, […]

how to take in or size down a shirt {the right way}

great tutorial shows you how to take in a shirt to make it smaller the right way. easy to follow sewing tutorial.

Plaid flannel shirts are back! It feels like high school to me when I see all this plaid in the stores. Of course, not many of us are wearing our flannel with Doc Martens anymore (remember those days?). I’ve purchased a few comfy plaid flannel shirts, and I have one beef with them: flannel shrinks, […]

how to make a kids’ pillow bed {the easiest & cheapest way}


A few weeks ago I ran across a couple “pillow bed” tutorials on Pinterest, and they looked like so much fun! People sewed together four or five pillowcases, put pillows in them, then sewed velcro on to keep the pillows from falling out. It looked like a great idea, but when I priced out pillows, pillowcases, […]