Halloween recipe: spooky spiderweb sugar cookies


A few years ago my mom was visiting during October, and she showed us how to make these spiderweb sugar cookies. They’re perfect for making with your kids during the Halloween season. The spiderweb design is actually extremely easy to make (my 5 year old was able to do it!) but you wouldn’t know that […]

peanut butter fudge cookie ice cream {semi-homemade}


I love ice cream. At least I love really good ice cream. I especially love ice cream with lots of delicious things mixed in, like cookies and brownies, fudge and peanut butter. You just can’t get that kind of ice cream from the grocery store, unless you want to buy it by the insanely overpriced […]

4 ingredient nutella sandwich cookies


If you’re one of the five people in the world who DON’T like Nutella, you may just want to skip today’s post (sorry Mom). But if, like the rest of us, you think Nutella is basically divine, you’ll want to keep reading. And if you’ve never tried Nutella you probably need to go to the […]

15 minute black bottom banana cream pie recipe


It’s no secret I prefer chocolate desserts to those of the fruity variety (don’t believe me? Just check out the recipe index). That doesn’t mean I won’t eat other desserts, of course, but it does mean I try to cram chocolate in wherever I can. I put chocolate chips in banana bread, I drizzle chocolate over raspberry […]

devilishly tasty chocolate oat krispie bars {homemade granola bars}

I know that every time a blogger posts a recipe (myself included) she goes a little crazy telling everyone how good it is. It’s like every single recipe is to. die. for. amazing. Right? I mean, with all the fantastic recipes being posted every day we should have attained world peace because everyone should be […]

the very best banana bread recipe

I really like banana bread, but I have a few problems with your standard banana bread: First, it can be kind of tough, and if I’m going to eat a quickbread I want it to have a very soft, cakey texture. Second, to get the inside cooked through perfectly you have to cook it a […]

soft sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting (delish!)


These cookies were a family tradition growing up – my dad LOVES them, so my mom always made them at Easter. And Christmas. And Halloween. And Dad’s birthday. Oh – and Valentine’s Day. And pretty much any other holiday we had an appropriate cookie cutter for. They’re soft and cakey with a rich cream cheese […]

STL: peanut butter and chocolate hearts


Valentine’s Day deserves some sort of special treat, right? Sugar cookies are a favorite, but they can take a long time to make. This chocolate raspberry cookie tart is a delicious option, but sometimes kids are wary of the fruit+chocolate combo. For something special that’s still simple and crowd pleasing, you might want to try […]