anthropologie ruffled hem pullover knockoff


I love a good knockoff. It always makes me feel like I’m saving tons of money. The fact that I’d never spend all that money on the pricey original in the first place doesn’t matter one bit – making my own version for way less is still pretty fun. I was able to construct a […]

thrifted blouse refashion


My husband just laughed at this before and after photo. Aside from my totally awesome expression the before photo, which is probably worth a laugh on it’s own, he said: Where in the world did you find that shirt? This before shirt was one of those thrift store classics – puffy and gathered in all […]

DIY circle skirt from a thrifted sheet

I don’t have a specific sewing area in my house, so the plan is that I put my sewing stuff away in my room when I’m not in the middle of a project, and bring it down to the kitchen when I am. Turns out I’m too lazy to walk my machine back up to […]

sweatshirt refashion {add colored cuffs and prettify the neckline}

Is it sweatshirt weather yet in your neck of the woods? We just had our first {tiny} snowfall, so the sweaters and sweatshirts are coming out – I love it! I don’t actually have many sweatshirts – they always seem bulky and unflattering, so I haven’t bought one in years. Until a few weeks ago, […]

lace front blouse {refashioned from a men’s button down}

If you’re looking for the men’s slacks to pencil skirt refashion, you can find it here. Today I’ll show you how I transformed a men’s button down shirt into a pretty lace front blouse. In the photo above you can see the finished refashion, and below you can see the before: Just a fairly normal, […]

refashion: boring menswear to sophisticated skirt and top

The second week of So You Think You’re Crafty is wrapping up, and my project tied for first place this week. Here’s what I made (tutorials now available! find the blouse here and the skirt here): On any visit to the thrift store you’ll find miles of mens’ slacks and button down shirts. Lots of […]

little man pajamas made from a men’s shirt

A few weeks ago I made some jammies for my baby girl using a large men’s sweatshirt I’d purchased on clearance for $1. I hit up a few garage sales this past weekend and found a bunch of men’s shirts for 50 cents each, so I decided I’d try to use a similar process to […]