sweater to dress upcycle {easy sewing tutorial}

So cute! How to turn an adult size sweater into a little girl's dress: easy sewing tutorial. I have the perfect sweater to try this with!

I don’t upcycle clothes as much as I used to – there was a time when my friends used to joke that all my daughter’s outfits were made from tablecloths and her dad’s old shirts – but sometimes I see something in my size that I know is all wrong for me and all right for […]

easy DIY princess nightgown {upcycled from a tee}

cute! easy to sew DIY princess nightgown is made from a women's tee. All it takes is two seams and a little elastic!

Three years ago I shared a tutorial for turning a women’s tee into a girl’s princess nightgown in about 15 minutes with two seams and a little elastic. It was one of my most popular tutorials for a long time, even though the photos weren’t great. I recently made a new upcycled nightgown for my […]

cute shirt + cute fabric = easiest dress ever

all you need is a cute tee and some fabric to make this super easy gathered skirt dress.

Today’s sewing tutorial is easy. Really easy. If you read blogs much you’ve probably seen it before: just sew some cute gathered fabric onto the bottom of a cute shirt to make an even cuter dress. Done. Mind-blowingly simple. But many of the tutorials I’ve seen for this type of dress skip one simple step that really […]

add a ruffled hem to a girl’s sweater {easy sewing tutorial}


I’ve been cleaning out closets and boxing up clothes the kids have grown out of lately. Stuffed in a drawer in my daughter’s room was a cute sweater from Old Navy with a pretty ruffled hem that I bought on clearance a few years ago – and never pulled out last winter when it was […]

thrifted dress refashion | make a dress smaller & longer


It feels like about a million years since I’ve posted a refashion project. My pile of “things to refashion” was getting big and I wasn’t ever getting around to taking care of any of it, so I made myself stop buying things at the thrift store unless they fit as-is. But then I found this […]

another easy tee dress & why sometimes sewing isn’t fun


Alright, so I’ve written and deleted the text to this post twice now. It was supposed to be one of those “I found a dress I liked but it was totally expensive so I just made my own version and it looks exactly the same and I saved a thousand dollars!” type posts (not that […]

update sleeves for summer | long to short + ruching


To go along with the skirt with attached shorts refashion I posted earlier, today I have a super easy shirt refashion that lets you take a favorite long sleeve tee and get it ready for summer with cute, elbow length ruched sleeves instead. I started with an adorable striped baby Gap tee that I found at […]

gathered skirt with attached shorts | easy sewing tutorial


My little girl loves dresses and skirts, and lately she’s been insisting that they “float up” when she twirls. Gathered skirts are easy enough to make, but I end up spending the whole day reminding her to put her skirt back down and make sure her undies are covered. So I figured out how to […]