“you’re a cutie!” free printable healthy Valentine

Great healthy option for a Valentine's Day treat! Free printable "you're a cutie" Valentines are an easy candy free alternative kids will love.

Valentine’s Day is super fun for kids, and I know half that fun comes from the pile of sweets they get to bring home. But I’ve found that my kids get so much candy, they’re often more excited about non-candy gifts because they’re different than all the others. Last year I made a Valentine printable […]

20 fantastic DIY Valentine’s day t-shirts

20 DIY Valentine's Day shirts - lots of cool ideas here!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day! Ok, not really. It’s an entire month away, much to my poor kids’ chagrin. I’ve been working on Valentine’s projects for a few weeks, so they’re convinced it’s happening any day now. Sorry about that, kiddos. Anyway, today I’m sharing 20 fun DIY Valentine’s day tee shirt ideas that are simply fantastic. […]

easy j.crew knockoff “LOVE” tee {Valentine’s Day DIY}

cute! easy j.crew knockoff graphic tee "LOVE" shirt. perfect for Valentine's day!

I don’t usually make special clothes for holidays, partly because it seems like a bit of a waste to make something so holiday-specific it can only be worn for a few weeks, and partly because I rarely plan that far ahead. But this year I made my daughter a couple of shirts that will work for […]

Valentine’s Day card to make with your kids


  This year will be my five year old’s first Valentine’s Day at school, and he’s heard a lot about what to expect from his big brothers. He keeps saying things to me like: “Did you know there’s this day when we all give each other treats and cards? And we get to have a […]

DIY string art decor tutorial & tips

great string art tutorial for Valentine's Day

So here’s the deal on string art: totally cool and completely doable. Ya ya, I know it’s not the newest kid on the pinterest block, but there’s a reason people like it – it’s just pretty! and there are no special skills required. If you can drive in nails and wrap string, you can make […]

DIY Valentine’s Day “love” freezer paper stencil tee


I don’t often make special clothes just for holidays – you all know I’m cheap, so I don’t like the thought of investing time and money into an outfit that will only get worn once or twice. But seeing as I have this little girl at the end of my passel of boys, I thought […]

20 fantastic DIY Valentine’s Day cards


I’ll admit it: most years I’m scrambling around the day before Valentine’s Day trying to remember how many cards I need to buy for all my kids’ class friends and then everyone’s up way too late trying to get them all addressed. Only once have we made our own Valentine’s cards, and they weren’t very […]