long sleeve raglan sweatshirt | free sewing pattern

Learn how to make a DIY raglan sweatshirt with this easy to follow sewing tutorial and free pattern in size L.

I’m so over winter. Just over it. But unfortunately, it’s nowhere near done yet. Since I have at least another month or two of snow to slog through, I thought I might as well make a new sweatshirt with this cute floral ponte I ordered forever ago from Girl Charlee (looks like it’s no longer in […]

the breezy tee long sleeve add-on {free sewing pattern}

Learn how to sew this cute, easy to make long sleeve dolman tee using a free printable pattern and tutorial. DIY t-shirt.

This summer I made a couple of new shirts using my free breezy tee pattern, and they’ve been in pretty heavy rotation. After all, they hide both my muffin top and my upper arms with just the right amount of effortless slouchiness to make me look like kinda cool, not like a mom trying to hide […]

the everyday skirt simple sewing tutorial

this easy women's DIY skirt only takes 1 yard of fabric and an hour to make! great sewing tutorial.

When I was young, I though elastic waist jeans were about the most awful thing in the world. I’ve grown a lot since then (in both maturity and waist size) and I’m at the point in my life when I’m realizing elastic can be my very best friend. I’m still resisting the pull of the […]

easy-to-sew blouse (a.k.a the breezy tee in a woven!)

super easy blouse tutorial! It only takes two pattern pieces and a few seams to make, plus there's a free pattern in size L!

Alright guys, I’m pretty sure 1995 is calling my right now because it wants it’s hairstyle back. I’m growing out my hair and I’m just really not feeling this look. My stylist somehow gave it beach waves with her magic curling wand but now that I’m at home with my hair dryer and round brush this […]

criss cross maxi dress sewing tutorial

Cute DIY criss cross maxi dress sewing tutorial. Post shows how to make it using a free t-shirt pattern. I love that it has sleeves - this is my perfect summer dress!

Last summer I made a maxi dress using my free easy tee pattern as a base, and I love it because it’s comfy, roomy, and it has sleeves! This summer I wanted another maxi, so I started with my easy tee pattern again, and made a few adjustments to make this criss cross maxi dress. […]

the easy tee dress in a woven {simple summer sew}

easy sewing tutorial for this simple dress made from a free tee pattern

Summer is when I do the most sewing for myself. That’s because I always want new skirts and dresses when it starts to warm up, and both of those are generally easier to sew than, say, jeans and jackets. Last summer I made a maxi dress using my free easy tee pattern – it was […]

how to make a cap sleeve maxi dress in 30 minutes

learn how to sew this cute maxi dress in just half an hour! It stars with a tee shirt and a sheet.

A few weeks ago I shared a simple girls’ dress made from an existing tee shirt and some fabric – it was so easy and turned out so cute I wanted to try the same process on a dress for me. So I found a pretty tee and a patterned sheet for the skirt, and […]

free t-shirt sewing patterns

great collection of free t-shirt sewing patterns. for women, men, and kids, in lots of sizes and styles. looks like I'll be making some tees in the near future!

You guys know I like to wing it when it comes to sewing projects. Not because my sewing skillz are too cool for patterns, just because I’m usually too lazy for them. I have this idea that it will be easier to just cut and sew instead of taking the time to find a pattern online, print […]