tie front slouchy sweater | free pattern

Click through for the free sewing pattern for this tie front slouchy sweater. Women's size L.

I’ve been enjoying the slouchy sweatshirt I made a few weeks ago and wanted to make another one, but in a lighter weight fabric for spring. And I decided to add some ties to the front to change things up a little. So today you can download a free tie front add-on pattern for the […]

the perfect slouchy sweatshirt | free pattern

Learn how to sew this cute slouchy sweatshirt with this easy to follow sewing tutorial and a free pattern in womens size large.

I have a hard time with my wardrobe this time of year because I’m tired of all those fall/winter clothes I pulled out way back in September, but we’re still months away from being able to wear all my spring/summer clothes. Plus with the continuing cold gray days, I just really want to snuggle up […]

the classic tee maxi dress

how to make a pretty maxi dress using a free classic tee shirt pattern - easy sewing tutorial

Now that the holidays are over and things are (hopefully) settling down a bit, I am in the mood to sew! I’ve seen tons of gorgeous dresses made with super soft floral knits at the mall, but I’m not a fan of the $60 price tags. Luckily, I found a brushed polyester spandex knit at an Etsy […]

the classic tee in a relaxed fit | easy sewing tutorial

How to sew a classic women's tee with a relaxed fit. Free PDF pattern in size large and easy to follow sewing tutorial.

A few months ago I shared a free pattern for a classic women’s tee shirt in size L (get it here). Today I’m showing you how that same pattern looks sewn up in a softer fabric and with a little extra roominess. But first I’m going to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to say: Wow! School started […]

the classic tee free pattern | elbow length sleeves

Get the free sewing pattern for a classic tee shirt and learn how easy it is to sew a t-shirt.

A few weeks ago I shared a free pattern for a classic tee shirt in women’s size large. I included two sleeve lengths on the pattern – short sleeve and elbow length. I wanted to give you a look at how the top looks with the longer sleeve length. To get a copy of the […]

how to sew a raglan tee maxi dress | sewing tutorial

Great tutorial for how to sew this beautiful tee shirt maxi dress for women using a free tee shirt pattern. Easy sewing tutorial.

I don’t own a little black dress. Fashion magazines would tell me that’s a total fashion faux pas, but honestly, where in the world am I going to wear one? I do, however, own two long grey maxi dresses. I can wear these babies anywhere: they look cute and feel like pajamas, which always sounds just […]

the everyday maxi skirt | easy sewing tutorial

Easy sewing tutorial for a women's maxi skirt made from woven (not knit) fabric. How to sew a maxi skirt.

Guess what? I made another skirt. I know, you can hardly believe it. Anyway, as you can see it’s a maxi skirt. It was insanely easy to sew, AND it’s made out of a beautiful, flowy, lightweight fabric which is just perfect for summer. It’s cut wider at the bottom than most maxi skirts, which […]

the classic tee | free pattern in women size L

Learn to make a classic tee with this easy womens sewing tutorial and free pattern in size L. How to sew a t-shirt for women.

I’ve been meaning to put together a pattern for a basic, classic tee shirt for a long time, and I’ve finally gotten around to it. I know, it might seem like a waste of time to sew your own tees when they’re not that expensive to buy, but I hey, I like sewing, so I […]