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DIY Fleece Hat + Scarf Set

You can make an adorable fleece hat and scarf set in under 20 minutes!
Prep Time20 mins


  • 2/3 yard Fleece Fabric


  • Cut a fleece rectangle for the hat according to the cutting chart. Also cut another strip of fleece 1 inch wide and approximately 12 inches long.
    Fleece rectangle
  • Fold the rectangle in half, matching two short ends, with right sides together. Sew together along the matched short ends using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. You MUST backstitch at the beginning and end of this seam to secure it.
    Fold fleece in half and sew
  • Turn the hat right side out. Cut a fringe on one end, making cuts about 3 inches long and approximately 1 inch apart. (For the smaller size hat, make the cuts about 2.5 inches long. For the larger size hat, cut about 4 inches.)
    Cut fringe on one end of hat
  • Gather up the hat at the bottom of the fringe. Use the 1 inch strip to tie the fringe together. This will create a "pom pom" at the top of the hat. Trim any of the 1 inch strip that is longer than the rest of the pom pom.
    Gather fringe and tie with extra strip of fleece
  • Fold up the bottom brim of hat. The hat is now finished.
    Completed fleece hat with fringed pom pom top
  • Cut a long rectangle for the scarf, using the full width of fleece. It should be 11 inches tall and approximate 60 inches long. Trim off the selvedges on each short end of the scarf. Cut fringe into each short end, making cuts 3 inches long and approximately 1 inch apart.
    Cut fringe in fleece scarf


Each hat and scarf set will take 2/3 of a yard. However, if you want to make 2 sets from the same fabric they can be made from 1 total yard. Cut the two scarf pieces first, then cut the hat pieces right next to each other on the remaining fabric.