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Grandma's Garden Craft

Showcase photos of all the grandkids in this cute flower pot craft. Kids can help make it for Grandma.
Prep Time30 mins


For the Flowers

  • Photos of grandchildren heads should measure just under 2 inches
  • Colored cupcake liners
  • Wood Skewers
  • Hot glue or other adhesive

Flor the Flower Pot

  • Flower Pot
  • Floral Foam or other filler
  • Sheet Moss or Faux Moss
  • Sticker Paper or cardstock and adhesive
  • Corner Rounder Punch optional


  • Fill the pot with floral foam, and cover it with moss.
    Filling flower pot with floral foam and moss
  • Make the label. Download the printable and print it out on sticker paper. Trim around the edges of the label and use a corner rounder to round corners (if desired). Remove backing and apply to pot. (If you don't want to purchase sticker paper, print the label on cardstock and glue it to the pot instead.)
    Metal flower pot with label that says Grandma's Garden, grown with love
  • Print out photos, making sure the faces are under 2 inches tall. Use a circle cutter to cut a 2.25 inch circle around each face. OR, find a small cup or other circular item that is about 2.25 inches in diameter and place it over the face. Trace around the object, then use scissors to cut out the face.
    Hand holding photo of a baby cut into a circle
  • Grab two colored cupcake liners and flatten then down into a circle. Fold the liners in half, then in quarters.
    Hands folding colored cupcake liners into quarters
  • Fold the liners into 8ths, then into 16ths. Starting from the fold, cut a curve as shown below to create a petal shape.
    Cupcake liner folded into 16ths, with curve marked to make petal shape
  • Unfold the liners to reveal two flower shapes. Place the liners with the lighter sides together and glue. Then glue the circular photo into the center.
    Two cupcake liners cut into flower shape layered on top of each other, with circular baby photo in the center
  • Flip the flower over and glue one end of a wood skewer to the center of the flower. Poke the skewers through the moss in the flower pot into the floral foam to display.
    Gluing wood skewer to back of cupcake liner flower