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book folded in the shape of a heart
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Folded Book Heart

Learn how to fold a book in a heart shape with this simple tutorial.
Prep Time1 hr


  • Hard Back Book 8.5-9 inches tall
  • Heart Folding Pattern
  • Pencil
  • 3x5 Card


  • Print the pattern and cut it in half along the dotted line.
    cutting pattern in half
  • Find the center page of the book. You'll start marking on the right side. Slide the pattern in the book, about 70 number pages past center. Match up the top edge of the book pages with the horizontal line on the pattern. Match up the wide of the book pages with the first vertical line.
    pattern placed in book
  • Use the pencil to make marks where the line of the heart meets the edge of the page (two marks on each page). Slide the pattern in to the second line and turn the page of the book. Mark this page in the same way. Repeat this process, sliding the pattern in one line each time you turn the page, until you get to the last line. Then go back to the center page, turn the book over, and repeat with the left half of the pattern.
    marking the book according to the pattern
  • Hold all of the marked pages. On the top of the book, measure in 3 inches from the edge of the pages and draw a line across all the marked pages. Repeat on the bottom of the book.
    marking the book
  • Open up to the center page. Line up the 3x5 card with the mark on the bottom of the pages and the lower mark on the side of the page.
    using a note card to line up the fold
  • Fold up the page using the 3x5 card as a guide and crease. Turn the page and repeat the process. When you get to the last marked page, repeat the process on the top of the pages.
    folding the book
  • The heart will begin to take shape. Repeat the process on the left half of the book.
    half a heart completed
  • Display the book standing up so the heart can be seen.
    folded book heart