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Learn how to make paper roses with these beautiful paper rose templates. Step by step instructions included. How to make DIY paper flowers.
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Paper Roses

Learn how to make stunning paper roses with this free printable paper rose template! Easy step by step instructions for making paper roses, including printable templates in five different colors.
Prep Time30 mins


  • 1 sheet Printer Paper
  • Floral Stem
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Print a rose template onto the front and back of a sheet of paper. Cut along the squares on the front. Fold each square into fourths and cut along the heart lines to create a petal shape. Also snip off the corner of the heart to create a very small hole in the center of each square.
    paper rose template cut out in squares
  • Open the petals up and cut along the lines. You now have seven petals of different sizes.
    paper rose petals cut along the lines into 7 different size pieces
  • Add glue along one straight edge of each petal and overlap it and glue to the other straight edge. Repeat with all the petals (don't worry about glueing the smallest petal, just use a pencil to help roll it over itself). Roll the curved edges of the petals outward.
    All seven paper petals glued together with edges curled down.
  • Place a dot of hot glue about an inch from the top of a floral stem. Slide the largest petal onto the floral stem down to the glue and add more glue if needed to secure. Add more glue and add the next petal, continuing until all the petals are on the stem. As you add petals, position them so they are NOT exactly lined up with the one below for a more natural look.
    Adding remaining petals, large to small, onto floral stem.