make: restore your sanity in 15 minutes {add loops to towels for easy hanging}

Has your kids’ bathroom ever looked like this?

I hope you’re saying yes. I’m really hoping I’m not the only one in the world who deals with this. They claim they hang their towels on the the hooks provided, but somehow the towels ALWAYS end up on the floor. Always. And I actually believe that the kids do try to hang them up – I’ve seen those towels slip themselves right off of the hooks onto the floor. Even when the kids make the effort to hang them up, the towels just don’t like to stay on hooks. But every time I glance in their bathroom and see the towels on the floor (again!) I feel a little of my sanity slipping away.

Now, the obvious thing would be to do something about this. Probably something that doesn’t involve yelling or threats or guilt trips or anything like that, right? You certainly wouldn’t spend an entire year (or two), alternately between freaking out and just hanging their towels up for them (again) every single day, right?

Well unfortunately, I would. Until this week. I finally decided I’d had it, and it was time to do something, anything, to save my sanity.

Turns out that “something” only took fifteen minutes. I rummaged through my ribbon scraps and found some twill ribbon (anything really sturdy would work). I cut four pieces, each about six inches long (cut at an angle so the ribbon doesn’t fray). And then I sewed each piece into a loop, right in the middle of the towel’s long side. I sewed across each ribbon loop four or five times, using a short stitch, to make sure it was on there securely.

And here’s what the bathroom looks like now:

Four towels, all hung up on hooks, all unable to slip themselves onto the floor. Ahhh – serenity now!

That’s right, serenity now! (Name the show! I mean it, someone name the show in the comments – you’ll make my day.)

Fifteen minutes, and I can finally stop loosing my mind over towels on the floor, every single day. Why didn’t I do this two years ago?


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    Angie says

    Serenity now! I think those were the calming words they repeated to them selves in an episode of Seinfeld. (Loved that show!) I think I will try to use that phrase for myself when I see towels on the floor. I do love your idea of just putting them on hooks. Something I know even my 6 year old can handle. Thanks for the great idea.

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    Dina says

    How about making each ribbon (or towel) a different color, one for each child? So, IF they fall on the floor again for some reason you will know WHO did it. I have always gotten, “not me” when asked who the culprit was! I have yet to find Not Me in our house, but I know he must be hiding somewhere, throwing towels and dirty dishes everywhere.

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    I wish I could post a pic but I did a magnet (i’m an artist) with an image of an open mouth and inside the mouth it says “serenity now!” Lol… i don’t think people get it, so I was thrilled to hear you say that (well I saw you say that I didn’t actually HEAR you)
    I make towels and I’m researching loops, thanks for your tips!!

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