DIY doily collar {easy sewing tutorial}

add a cute peter pan collar made from a doily to a girls sweater or shirt with this easy DIY sewing tutorial

I’ve really been leaning toward easy projects lately. It’s hard when you’re juggling kids that don’t nap anymore and the house and work and church and all your other responsibilities to find time for a really involved project – and if you do make time and (heaven forbid) IT DOESN’T WORK, then you feel bad because all that time was a complete waste. (Ok, so it’s never really a waste a time when you’re doing something interesting or creative – but it sure feels that way sometimes.)

But with quick projects, it’s easier to just experiment and not feel too bad if things don’t work out. And when they do, well then you can be doubly proud of yourself for making something cool in practically no time at all! That’s how I feel about today’s DIY doily collar. It was quick, simple, and turned out absolutely adorable.

Heres the easy sewing tutorial showing how to add a DIY doily collar to a shirt or sweater:

make a cute peter pan collar from a doily

Start with a shirt and a doily that’s about half as wide as the front neckline. NOTE: when you sew the doily onto the shirt it will eliminate some of the stretch in the front half of the neckline. Make sure your shirt either has a button opening or will still fit over the wearer’s head with limited stretch.

easy sewing tutorial for adding a cute doily collar to a girls sweater or shirt

1 – start by slicing the doily exactly in half with a rotary cutter or scissors. 2 – Place the doily along the neckline of the shirt, folding over the top half inch or so inside the neckline. Because the neckline curves and the cut edge of the doily is straight, you’ll have to fold over more of the doily in the middle than at each end. Fiddle with it until it lays nicely. 3. Carefully flip the doily up, and pin the portion that was folded over to the inside of the neckline. 4. Use a zig zag stitch very close to the edge of the shirt’s neckline to sew the doily to the inside of the shirt. 5. Flip the doily back down, and hand stitch it down in a couple of places to make sure it lies flat. 6. Finished.

I don’t know if doilies shrink at all when washed, so I did wash mine first (I’m guessing most that you buy at the store now would not shrink, but better safe than sorry). I found my doily at Joann Fabrics and it was $5, which I thought was pricey for how tiny it is, but with a coupon it was under $3, and that seemed a small price to pay for the added cuteness.

how to add a cute collar made from a doily to a girls sweater

People occasionally mention to me that it seems like my daughter really enjoys being photographed. Actually, she really enjoys NOT looking at the camera and spinning around when I ask her to stand still. But three or four m&ms go a long way toward great photos. (Find tips on photographing toddlers here and here.)


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      autumn says

      It’s actually quite soft (especially after washing) and it doesn’t bother my daughter at all – but she doesn’t have sensitive skin, so I guess maybe it just depends on who you’re sewing for. Thanks for visiting!

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    Heather in CA says

    Really cute! My daughter has to wear collared shirts for her school uniform. This looks like a great way to get a cute, fun one that is not like all the others!

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    That’s a really cute idea. I see doilies at the thrift store all the time for really cheap, and this would be a fun way to re-invent them.


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