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great free quote printable roundup

I’ve rounded up some really beautiful quote printables for your viewing pleasure today, but before we get to them I’m going to share a not-so-flattering story about myself in hopes that some of you may relate. (And if you don’t want to hear about me being a dork feel free to scroll right past all the typing to the pretty printables.)

So I’ve been trying to create a new quote printable each month to share here on the blog – I really like making printables, but designing them doesn’t come as easily to me as I’d like. I figure each one I make is practice, though, so hopefully I’ll keep getting better. Not long ago a reader requested a specific quote, a poem about kindness, and I got to work trying to turn the words into something pretty. I knew what I wanted: a mix of script and sans serif fonts, some florals, and a modern color scheme – but it just wasn’t happening. I spent an hour here and there over the past few weeks working on it, getting nowhere, starting over, and getting nowhere again.

I was fairly frustrated that things weren’t working out, so I took a little break from Photoshop and opened Facebook. The first thing I saw was a post from another blogger sharing a lovely printable of the exact quote I was working on in just the style I’d been going for. It was so exactly what I wanted that you’d think I would have jumped for joy and clapped out loud.

Except I didn’t. Because honestly, my first response was to be just a little bit annoyed. I’d been wasting my time trying to make something cool when someone else had already done it, and done it much better. I could have spent all that time playing with my kids! In fact, I probably should have spent all that time playing with the kids. Suddenly I was not only completely incompetent at creating printables, I was also a slacker mom. I was fully aware that in the grand scheme of things this was SO TOTALLY not a big deal, but this little comparison in which I came up short seemed ready to ruin my day.

And then I had a thought: was I trying to make a printable so I could keep a lovely quote in my home to remind me to be kind, or was I trying to make a printable so I could be proud of myself? What was really important here?

Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking satisfaction in the things we create. I think that hobbies and creative endeavors are a blessing in our life, and that feeling good about the things we work hard on can be a great source of joy. But we (and I mean “I” here) run into problems when we start thinking that others’ success and talents and creations make our own success and talents somehow less worthwhile. It’s a trap that’s way too easy to fall into, especially in our highly social and visual world.

So I’m sharing this experience as a reminder for all of us (because I’m not the only one who sometimes struggles with this, right?): Life is not a competition. Creativity is not a competition. The key is to stop comparing and start appreciating. If we can enjoy other people’s success and let it inspire us instead of allowing comparisons to drag us down, we will have more joy and more contentment in life.

And so, instead of sharing something I’ve made today, I’m sharing 20 beautiful quote printables from a variety of talented bloggers, starting with this one from How Joyful:


I might need to print this one out ASAP, right?

Please remember that if you want to print any of these lovely quotes, you’ll need to click through to the original post to get the hi-res versions. Please also click through to the original posts to pin images of individual printables (if you’d like to pin the top image from this post to remember where to find this roundup, that’s just fine!).

2. One of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes, from Angie Sandy:


3. A nice collection of quote printables from Lovely Designed:


4. Classic Dr Seuss from All For the Boys:


5. Isn’t this pretty? From The Elli Blog:


6. A sweet sentiment from eighteen25:


7. 30 Handmade Days has LOADS of beautiful quote printables like this one:


8&9. Simple as That is another blog CHOCK FULL of beautiful printables, with new ones every month!



10. My 3 Monsters shares this cool printable + 10 more that she used in a yearly planner:


11. Great goals from The Elli Blog:


12. My favorite Winnie the Pooh quote from Kayla Aimee:


13. I love this beautiful chalkboard quote from Entirely Eventful Day!


14. Mama Miss has a bunch of great free printables – I love this nursery print so much!


15. And another one from Mama Miss:


16. And one more from Mama Miss because it makes me feel good 🙂


17. Awesome Nelson Mandela quote printable by Living Well Spending Less:


18. Super cute printable from The 36th Avenue:


19. This awesome trio of inspirational printables from On Sutton Place is one of a growing collection on her blog:


20. Love the grey and yellow, from Collected:





  1. 1

    Katee says

    Thanks Autumn! I am excited to print up these quotes! Also, I too have been getting in the pride trap so I swore off Facebook for a while because I started thinking my life was so terrible. What was I thinking?!?! My life is wonderful.

    • 2

      autumn says

      So true! I think this is a particular challenge for us right now – never before have people been able to compare themselves to hundreds or thousands of other people each day – it’s easy to let this mass sharing of info make us feel small and alone. It’s probably a good idea to take a break from all the social media once in a while and focus on the simple, important things: family, faith, service. And chocolate 😉

  2. 3


    Autumn I have SO been there. Exactly what you described. I’ve made projects that have taken forever, only to find out that someone did the same thing and posted it the day before me. And cuter. So frustrating!! All that to say- you are not alone.
    Thanks so much for linking to my quote. Love that one. 😉
    I loved meeting you at SNAP- wish I had more time to chat. I hope you told Allison hi for me!

    • 4

      autumn says

      Thanks, Mique! It’s good to know I’m not the only one. It was fun to meet you at SNAP – I love your blog!

  3. 6

    Kristi christensen says

    Thank you so much for this reminder! I am constantly comparing myself to others and feeling down about not matching up. I very much enjoy your creativity and my daughter and I have had a great time creating by your example. Thanks for being an inspiration and so many ways!

  4. 10


    Wow! Your message really connected with me. I always think I’m the only one that has creativity challenges, and when I go looking for inspiration I get down on myself. Will have to re-frame my thinking!

    • 11

      autumn says

      It’s so easy to think this way. I’ve actually gotten a lot better about this than I used to be – most of the time I’m really able to view other people’s work as an example and inspiration, but every once in a while I fall back into comparing and feeling bad. But just writing this post was a good lesson for me – I gave up on the printable I was trying to make and spent a few days looking for inspiration instead – and then this morning I started on a new one and it went so much better. Good luck!

  5. 13

    Angela Robbins says

    I love these!! Do you happen to have a compilation of framing ideas for hanging printables? I have found so many printables I would love to have displayed in my home but I have no idea what to do with them :/

  6. 15


    Dance marathons were the craze in 1923, and people
    danced until they dropped from exhaustion. The book is about learning how to approach relationships with complete awareness,
    having realistic expectations, and using self-empowerment techniques.
    If derek blasberg is just a mid west boy from a fly over
    state, does that mean anyone can move to new york and become a ny socialite.

  7. 19

    Jilaina says

    So thrilled to have stumbled upon this post! I have felt the same frustration with some of my projects, and I know it’s not funny per se, but I giggled when you mentioned the downward spiral that so easily follows frustration like that because it is a very familiar path for me to go down. 🙂
    I am excited to read more of your blog.

  8. 20


    I love all the quotes, and I am so interested with this quote, Change you thought and you can change the world. 🙂 I remember another quote saying that, “Be the change you want to see in this world”. Yes, it is us who will color the life and affects people around us. 🙂

  9. 23


    Thank you for this post. Thanks for sharing your story also. I can completely relate. I am taking that top quote and cutting it out in vinyl and slapping it onto something in my craft room (I don’t have a color printer, so vinyl is easier for me right now). I have had “What you create doesn’t have to be perfect,” by Dieter F. Uctdorf in there for years, and it is now an automatic thought process when I mess up, so I need something new in there. With all the pinterest stuff we are bombarded with, it’s hard to remember to quit comparing your stuff to others’. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your story. I really appreciate it. And thanks for the awesome round up!

  10. 26

    heather M says

    I am trying to plan a back to school dinner for my kids and I was having a hard time thinking of a family theme until I remembered that I pinned this post the other day. So I came back to it to see if there was something inspirational or motivational that we could focus on this year and display in our home and sure enough, there definitely is! Now my only problem is picking the best one for us. Thank you for this post!

  11. 27


    It’s my joy to encourage people to own their truth! This collection addresses several points for me personally, as well as being timely help to consider for upcoming workshops this fall. Thanks, and blessings!


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