how to swap heads using PhotoMerge in Photoshop Elements

This is awesome! How to swap heads so you can get a great group photo. Perfect for when people close their eyes or kids aren't all looking at the camera at the same time. And it only takes 30 seconds! Easy photo editing.

Ah, kids. They’re great, right? Except when they’re not. Like when you’re all in the car together and someone won’t stop humming and someone else won’t stop poking people and someone else needs to go to the bathroom really really bad. Or when they leave Legos out for you to step on in the middle of […]

turn any photo into a painting | easy DIY gift idea

How to turn any photo into a painting you can print on your home printer - this turns out awesome! Would be a perfect DIY wedding gift.

‘Tis the season for weddings, right? Well today I have a fun DIY wedding gift idea for you. If you can get your hands on a digital photo of the happy couple, you can turn it into a painting using Adobe Photoshop Elements. It’s really easy to do, and you can print it out at home […]

how to take great photos of jack-o-lanterns this Halloween

3 easy tips to help you get great photos of your carved pumpkins this Halloween. How to take amazing jack-o-lantern photographs.

It’s fun to take spooky photos of your carved Halloween pumpkins when they are lit, but between the dark night and the bright pumpkin it can be a little tricky to get a good photo, especially if you shoot on AUTO. But don’t worry, if you follow three easy tips you’ll end up with great photos of your […]

how to get ready for family photos

great tips on how to get ready for your family photos and make sure they turn out great - I love #5!

Getting a family photo taken can be stressful: you have to find a photographer, coordinate outfits, hope the little kids don’t pull faces in every photo and cajole the older kids to even be in the photo. Plus family photos can be expensive, so you really want to be sure you’ll be happy with the end result. […]

how to take great wedding photos when you’re not a pro

great tips on how to take great wedding photos even if you're not a pro photographer - I like #2!

Recently, I had the opportunity to take wedding photos for a close friend’s daughter. Now, I like photography and I’ve tried to learn to take pictures I’m happy with, but I don’t consider myself a professional photographer, so I was nervous. As in, really quite nervous. So my friend and I worked together to figure out what […]

16 amazing back to school photo ideas

great tips and ideas for first day of school photos or a back to school photoshoot. I want to try some of these this year!

Some might say you can divide up moms into two groups: those who don’t even want to think about the school year starting again and those who can’t wait for the kids to head back. No matter which camp you’re in (I’m in both), the school year is about to start, which means it’s time to […]

how to get better fireworks photos this Fourth of July

want better fireworks photos this year? find the best tips for taking photos with your phone, point and shoot, or dSLR camera.

Every year I plan to take amazing fireworks photos on the Fourth of July. And guess what? Every year I don’t. And then I’m disappointed because it’s going to be an entire year until I have the chance again. So this is going to be the year, and to get ready I’ve gathered up everything […]

easy photo tip #2: how to find and use open shade

get better photos by placing your subject in "open shade" - good explanation in post. photography tips.

This post is part of the easy photo tips series, where I share simple ideas that make it easy for you to take better photos. Today’s post compares full sun, dappled shade, closed shade, and open shade, so you know where to place your subject for the best photographs. Find easy photo tip #1 here. […]