Easter egg filler ideas that aren’t candy!

I like chocolate as much as the next girl (probably quite a bit more than the next girl actually), but my kids end up with SO MUCH CANDY these days! I can’t believe how much they get at school. I mean, it’s nearly Easter, and they still have candy left from Valentine’s Day. So I thought it would be a good idea to find some non-candy Easter egg filler ideas, so we can still have the fun of an Easter egg hunt without even more sugar (and yes, they’ll definitely get some candy too!). Read on for 63 ideas of things to put in Easter eggs that aren’t candy.


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Please note: I’ve linked all the items straight to Amazon to make it easy for you to order anything you’re interested in, but also check the dollar store and your local big box stores since some items may be available there in smaller quantities. I’ve done my best to ensure all these items will fit in a plastic Easter egg, although you’ll see that some are marked (large egg) meaning you’ll need bigger than normal eggs for those items. Please note that not all items are suitable for very young children, so use your best judgement. Links are affiliate links. Thanks!


1. Mini dinosaurs  |  2. Mustache whistles (may need large egg)  |  3. Mini playdough (large eggs)  |  4. Eyeball Erasers  |  5. Sidewalk Chalk  |  6. Lightup rings  |  7. Cupcake Lip Gloss  |  8. Mini Flashlight  |  9. Zipper Pulls


10. Stretchy Flying Lizards  |  11. Pullback cars  |  12. Animal Erasers  |  13. Sticky hands  |  14. Paratroopers  |  15. Jumping frogs  |  16. Porcupine Balls  |  17. Slap Bracelets  |  18. Punch Balloons


19. Silly Putty  |  20. Nail polish  |  21. Mini Post Its  |  22. Nail Stickers  |  23. Colored Bath Tablets  |  24. Jacks (split amongst eggs)  |  25. Finger Puppets  |  26. Penguin Pencil Sharpeners (large eggs)  |  27. Earbuds


28. Mini Magic Springs  |  29. Mini Skateboards  |  30. Mini Glowsticks  |  31. Finger Lights  |  32. Mini stamps  |  33. Glow in the Dark Bugs  |  34. Glow in the Dark Stars  |  35. Dice  |  36. Grow-an-insect


37. Colored Hair Pieces  |  38. Letter Magnets  |  39. Windup Ladybugs (large eggs)  |  40. Superhero Stickers  |  41. Dolphin Key Chains  |  42. DC Comics Dog Tags  |  43. Lacing Beads (split up between eggs)  |  44. Puzzles (split pieces up amongst eggs)  |  45. Shoe Laces


46. Superhero Bracelets  |  47. Siren Whistle  |  48. Jelly Bracelets  |  49. Party poppers  |  50. Army Guys  |  51. Bouncy Balls  |  52. Spin tops (large egg)  |  53. Mini Bubbles  |  54. Monster Tattoos


55. Kazoos (large eggs)  |  56. Mustache Tattoos  |  57. Friendship Bracelets  |  58. Vampire Teeth  |  59. Mini Hairbows  |  60. Stick-on Earrings  |  61. Littlest Pet Shop Figures  |  62. Mini Squeaky Bath Toys (large eggs)  |  63. Hexbugs




  1. 1

    Tina C. says

    I like the puzzle pieces. How bout putting in grape tomatoes, grapes, raisins, dimes, pennies, love notes, seed pack, bird seed, stuff that’s not plastic…

  2. 2

    Cyndi Torres says

    Thank you for this! My 4 yr old daughter goes to a small preschool, and we figured out that chocolate and food dyes make her hyper. Trying to stay away from those things is a losing battle between all the candy laden holiday parties and birthdays. Last year I put those pull back cars in her eggs for the school party, but was having trouble coming up with something for this year. Great list, thanks again!

  3. 3

    tessa says

    Wow – awesome list! My son is too small for a lot of this stuff yet, but I thought you got a great mix with stuff that would fit for a range of kids. I mean, who doesn’t like silly putty and wind up bugs? 😉 I’ll admit, it also brought back a lot of childhood memories – how we loved those siren whistles!

    One other fun option for kids who are reading could be hints to finding a bigger gift (I got a bike one year, but even just for a book or anything that won’t fit in an egg, but that you can hide it, could be fun.)


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